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Dec. 1997

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Howard Lake Jan.-June

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Waverly July-Dec.

Winsted-Lester Prairie complete

Kyle Horsman going to Super Bowl for essay, 12/22/97

New bait shop opens near Winsted, 12/22/97

Fire chief allowed to bid on rescue truck, 12/22/97

Museum to observe 20th anniversary of Humphrey's death, 12/22/97

Waverly couple remodels old house, 12/15/97

Nate Millerbernd to play in 2 bowl games, 12/15/97

Fire chief only bidder on rescue truck, 12/15/97

Nimble fingers keep quilters in stitches, 12/15/97

Local boy wins NFL essay contest, 12/8/97

Recap of Winsted Fire Hall referendum, 12/8/97

Financial planning help for City of HL, 12/8/97

HL maintenance worker Todd Anderson, 12/8/97

History of the Eddy nursery, 12/8/97

Waverly meeting on village hall, 12/8/97

Levy drop for Lester Prairie, 12/8/97

Liquor store manager used to vacation here, 12/1/97

Painter Annie Evans enjoys the challenge, 12/1/97

Hearings detail plans for Hwy 12 improvements, 12/1/97

Nov. 1997

Museum proposes taking over old Waverly hall, 11/24/97

Second leading rusher in state history from Winsted, 11/24/97

New school ahead for HLWW?, 11/24/97

Winsted city hall deemed structurally sound, 11/24/97

Rose Besky enjoys passions of painting, 11/24/97

Spitz & Sophie Litfin celebrate 70th anniversary, 11/17/97

State wristwrestling champ from Howard Lake, 11/17/97

New HL restaurant: Bergie's Pizza & Subs, 11/17/97

City of Winsted on the Web, 11/10/97

Voice recognition software helps Dennis Terning, 11/97

Memories of Korean War, 11/10/97

Music Educator of the Year from HLWW, 11/10/97

Female pastors tell about their roles, 11/3/97

Home health care, 11/3/97

The Winsted (Conn.) Wild Man, 11/3/97

Good Samaritan Center adds gazebo, 11/3/97

Oct. 1997

ATM burglarized in Howard Lake, 10/27/97

License of former local veterinarian revoked, 10/27/97

The story of Robbers Cave (Winsted, Conn.), 10/27/97

Pipe organ music fills Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 10/20/97

Waverly Princess Tiffany Ogle, 10/20/97

Artist remodeling Waverly bank building, 10/13/97

Second generation adoption, 10/13/97

New fire hall proposed for Winsted, 10/13/97

Deputy retires from envied job, 10/6/97

Winsted City Hall Recommendation, 10/6/97

Letter from Miss Waverly, 10/6/97

Sept. 1997

Louis Stifter 2nd in World Karate Championships, 9/29/97

Humphrey Museum to rise again, 9/29/97

School board hears of future trends, 9/22/97

Future of Howard Lake liquor store in jeopardy, 9/15/97

Telecommuting to and from Winsted, 9/97

Man walking across country for charity, 9/15/97

Technology in our schools, 9/97

Wright County detective retires, 9/8/97

Mid-Am asked to pay for whey spill, 9/8/97

Waverly Lions help Funkley, 9/1/97

Well project a nightmare for City of Howard Lake, 9/1/97

Mauk triplets turn 50, 9/1/97

Senior dining site open in Winsted, 9/1/97

Aug. 1997

Fire destroys Humphrey Museum, 8/25/97

Tanya Brose's Aquatennial memories, 8/18/97

July 1997

Funeral director job not for everyone, 7/21/97

1,100 dogs invade Howard Lake, 7/14/97

Tumor ends career for football player, 7/14/97

June 1997

Wind turbines make electricity near Sherman Station, 6/30/97

Telemedicine: a better connection to health care, 6/97

Special effects at IMAX theatre, 6/97

Young motocross drivers enjoy thrills, 6/16/97

May 1997

Flood refugee goes to prom, 5/19/97

Central Minnesota Gateway story, 5/97

April 1997

Flood victims tell their story, 4/28/97

Reward offered in assault of deputy, 4/14/97

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