Herald and Journal Herald & Journal, March 2, 1998

An Olympic afterthought


Did anyone else see the winter Olympics and feel they just wasted a lot of time?

I had time to make simple meals during the commercials. So little of the actual sport was shown that I thought I had missed it somehow.

There was this big empty space where personality pieces were done instead of coverage of the games.

All there seemed to be were "highlights."

I've always been a big fan of "doing your best" and trying hard for your country, but countries don't seem to matter as much anymore to the competitors.

National pride apparently has taken a back seat to the number of endorsements available if you a win gold medal.

Perhaps I miss the wonderful win of the first, mostly Minnesota hockey team from 1980, and how exciting that was.

Did you know that most of the men's hockey teams were made up of National Hockey League (NHL) players?

It seems to me that the United States won the gold, silver, and bronze medals in hockey, since 120 NHL team members played for the various countries. Maybe we could give one of those medals to Canada, since they are part of the NHL.

National pride sure took a hit when some of the U.S. team members trashed their rooms after losing a game.

Is that the role model I want for my kids? Someone who acts like an irresponsible idiot, because he can.

I love hockey! It is my favorite sport. I become a couch potato during the high school hockey tournament in the spring.

Now with girls hockey and the good, Apple Valley High School win, I shall have to station my treadmill in front of the television permanently.

Up until now, high school hockey has been a pretty good sport. Will it and other high school sports continue to be played with integrity and sportsmanship? I don't know . . . I can only pray.

I hope when the summer games come around, that there will be more of the games shown.

You know who my Olympic heroes are? They are the moms and dads who work hard to take care of their families - families who watch their children play t-ball, attend musical programs, and encourage their children to "do their best," win or lose.

Look around you. They are your friends and neighbors, and . . . yes, you.

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