Herald and Journal Herald & Journal, February 23, 1998

More than one Howard Lake


Some months ago I wrote about Howard Lake, and the fact there is only one Howard Lake - a town that is. But I found out there was a lake named Howard in British Columbia and one in northern Minnesota.

Now I find that there are a total of six lakes in Minnesota named Howard. The Minnesota DNR Bulletin 25, 1968, page 478, has the following information:

At least our Howard Lake is the largest. But there's still only one Howard Lake city. I have a feeling I haven't heard the last of this.

This information was sent to me by Bill Strache, an H.L.B., (Howard Lake boy), Bill's father Herb and his Uncle Art had the Strache Brothers Hardware Store in Howard Lake years ago. It was located just north of the American Legion hall. The building is gone now, but the memories remain.

There were two hardware stores in Howard Lake, the other, where the Old Town Gallery is located on Highway 12. My father sent me to town many times to pick up hardware supplies . . . maybe to get a pound or two of nails. He always sent me to Strache's since it was off Highway 12 and since I had just learned to drive, about when I was 15. He didn't want me driving on the highway. What he never knew, I did anyway, driving all the way to Temple's Drive-in, to go home that way. Maybe stopping at Willard Workman's pool hall to see who was there.

What I remember about Strache's was the shiny milk pails on display. Much of the milking those days was by hand, you know. I also remember how friendly Herb and Art were to a young kid.

Thanks to Bill Strache for the information on the Howard Lakes. Bill now lives in Rochert, Minn.

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