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Herald & Journal, August 31, 1998

We need trees, trees, trees


In many areas, this past summer season was loaded with lots of storms causing tornados, floods, and straight wind damage. Numerous communities lost trees to the winds, some just a few, but others many trees.

Many of these trees that were lost were 100 - 150 years old. some of the trees must go back to when Wisconsin and Minnesota were known as the Big Woods. What a story these trees could tell if they could talk. Maybe the pioneers rested in their shade while building their future in this land.

Some people might say, "There's plenty of trees left. The ones destroyed won't be missed."

Maybe not. The ones blown down in the forests will probably seed themselves, but it's different in the towns and cities. When a tree is lost, it probably won't be replaced.

Did your town or city lose some trees this summer? Maybe you lost a tree or two in your front or back yard. Maybe a park in your community lost some trees. You miss them, don't you? Never again can you sit in the shade of that majestic old tree. Be thankful, though, if you didn't have a tornado go through. They take everything.

Say your town lost 15 trees. They should be replaced, maybe where the old tree stood. Of course, you may not see the day when these new trees are fully grown, but people in many years to come will really appreciate your efforts.

Maybe this would be a good project for a civic group such as the Lions and Jaycees, or school children. They could pay for and plant replacement trees in public parks and boulevards with the city government's assistance and cooperation. The cost would be minimal.

Think of what J. Sterling Morton, founder of Arbor Day, did years ago in Nebraska. That state was practically tree-less until he promoted tree planting on a large scale.

Let's replace those trees lost to the storms last summer.

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