Herald & Journal, December 29, 1997

You're from Minnesota if . . .


A friend of mine here in our apartment complex, Walter, gave me a clipping from his hometown paper. He thought it would be an interesting column for the paper.

It seems that Illinoisans don't tell "You might be a redneck if . . ." jokes; they tell jokes about Minnesotans. I don't know what Minnesotans did to people from Illinois, except our Vikings usually beat the Bears.

"People who live in Minnesota tend to be hardy outdoors types who live in the coldest climate in the country, and because of that, they have become a sort of breed apart."

I disagree with the statement that Minnesota is the coldest climate in the country. How about North Dakota? I've lived and suffered the cold in both states and North Dakota is the coldest. You haven't been cold until you've felt the Alberta Clipper up there.

Anyway, here is the list. You just might be a Minnesotan if . . .

There is one consolation though. The list works just as well if you substitute Minnesota for North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa or for that matter, Illinois. Let's face it. All of these states are cold. And unless El Nino messes things up, right now is the coldest of the cold.

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