Herald-Journal Herald and Journal, July 6, 1998

Dairy princess time again


We attended the Region VII Dairy Princess contest and dinner in Hutchinson Wednesday night, June 24.

The McLeod County American Dairy Association hosted the contest and dinner this year.

Our daughter, Jessica, is one of three Hennepin County Dairy Princesses. Region VII is made up of Hennepin, Carver, McLeod, and Wright County.

Each county sent three princesses to the region contest. The region princess represents her region at the Princess Kay of the Milky Way Contest at the State Fair. Her head will be sculpted in butter.

Our daughter, Jessica, had been in Hutchinson at the Victorian Inn since Tuesday afternoon. She met the young women who were competing from the other counties, and they got to know each other a little bit. On Wednesday, they recorded commercials for a radio station, and went through the judging process.

Jessica really enjoyed comparing notes on farm work, and comparing farm stories with the others. She was really happy and excited about participating in the contest as we drove home that night. When I thought about it, I realized why.

None of her friends or relatives her age grew up on farms, so they can't relate to what she does every day. Talking about something funny that happened during milking one morning, or while separating the dry cows one afternoon probably would not be the usual conversation in her peer group. Being with a group of young women who had grown up under the same circumstances was a learning experience of sorts.

We have other daughters that have been dairy princesses, too. I was a little surprised when Jessica said she wanted to be in the contest. Almost at the last minute she said she wanted to participate. At first I thought maybe she was doing it just for the crown, but would she really do that?

I reminded her that there are responsibilities that go with the crown. She will join with the other two Hennepin County princesses, Emily Tessmer and Chrissy Cain, to promote dairy products. They will ride in parades, sell ice cream at the Hennepin County Fair and represent the dairy farmers of Hennepin County at events throughout the summer.

As I am writing this, I am looking forward to seeing them on the Hennepin County American Dairy Association Dairy float in the 4th of July Parade in Delano.

The program that night was also a learning experience for Mom And Dad. We saw the enthusiasm the 12 young ladies have for their work in dairy promotion. They reminded us that we should be proud of the dairy industry.

Trudy Wright of McLeod County is the 1998 Region VII Dairy Princess. Her two attendants are Carol Dammann, from McLeod County, and Emily Tessmer from Hennepin County.

Watch for them this summer at events throughout Region VII.

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