Herald and Journal, August 3, 1998

Party 'til the people show up


Have you ever heard the expression, "Party 'til the cows come home"?

Well, Sunday night the cows were already home and they partied!

When we walked into the barn Monday morning we were greeted by the dry cows and heifers milling around in the alleyway of the barn. Somehow they had gotten a gate open in the shed, and had come over to check out the night life among the dairy cows.

During their party they made quite a mess for the three of us to clean up. They had to check out every area of the barn they could get into, of course. They knocked over the tub I keep the calf feed in. They turned over the cart we use to bring the milking machines into the barn. This cart also holds the supplies we use while milking such as teat dip andsalve. That had to be picked up and cleaned up, too.

They left their calling cards all over in the feed in front of the cows. I set to work shoveling that up and throwing it into the gutter. The wild bunch cruised up and down the alley way until they pretty well had that plastered with manure. Jesy cleared that away with the scraper.

Three sleepy people had a little extra work to do Monday morning and they weren't happy about it. Tom got the machines down for milking while we straightened up in the barn. He had another mess waiting for him on the floor of the feed room!

Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe the heifers are jealous of the cows in the barn. They may be thinking, "The cows in the barn get three square meals a day, with a little hay thrown in at night for dessert. They have fans running 24 hours a day to cool them. Their water is right in front of them in the drinking cup. All they have to do is reach over and take a drink. Yeah, that would be the life!"

The cows in the barn are probably thinking, "What are they doing crowding into the barn with us? They don't have to be bothered by these pests with their milking machines. I wish I could just lay outside and be lazy like them, with no one to bother me."

Could it be the cows just wanted to party 'til the people showed up? Maybe the "girls" just wanted to have a little fun. After all, we do have Kool 108 on the radio in the barn. They could cool off in front of the fans while listening to some cool tunes.

The group did seem to be swaying together when we came into the barn. Was it my imagination or were they grooving to Aretha Franklin singing about a little "Re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-spect, just a little bit!"

When they learn to clean up the floor behind them, they will get a whole lot more respect from me!

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