Herald and Journal, October 19, 1998

All 'wrapped up' in Halloween


Soon it will be time again for ghosts and goblins to haunt our streets.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because I still enjoy dressing up in costumes. My neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate having a middle-aged trick-or-treater at their door, so these days I limit my costumed appearances to our annual Fink Family Halloween party.

Back in the good old days though, I had great fun dressing up to make the round of houses in our neighborhood. Every year I faced the inevitable question. What should I be?

Since my brother Sid and I were children of the '50s, we went together one year as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. I suppose I probably went as a witch at one time or another.

One memorable costume did not turn out quite the way I had hoped. There was a new boy in the neighborhood that year, and he invited us to his house for a Halloween party. Actually, the party was held out in his garage. I decided that I would dress up like a mummy. I planned to wear my brother's long underwear, top and bottom. My plan was to wrap strips of sheets over the top of Sid's "longies" so that no one would know what I had on underneath.

Welcome to fantasy land! What was I thinking?

My mother must have been driven nearly insane trying to help me with my wrappings. I thought I looked great, but every time I moved around or sat down, the wrappings would hang loose again and the long underwear would show. This would never do for a shy 12-year-old girl who didn't want to be teased about wearing her brother's longies.

The problem was that after all the fussing with the wrappings, there was no time to come up with another costume. I either had to go to the party as a shedding mummy or not at all. I decided to go. Of course, there were a few comments from the neighborhood kids, but I took them in stride.

As I recall, our friend's garage was rather cool that Halloween evening, but I remained toasty warm in my brother's long underwear.

Maybe I should revive my mummy costume for this year. Does anyone know what the weather forecast is for Oct. 31?

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