Howard Lake Herald, May 25, 1998

New HL city administrator hired


The end of the first day of work for City Administrator Christrina Frankenfield was a little too exciting with a storm blowing through Howard Lake.

The spring tornadoes in the cities of Comfrey, St. Peter, and Le Sueur were some of the last things she dealt with at her previous job in Mankato, so she has probably had enough wind for awhile.

Those were all cities that fell under her jurisdiction.

She just finished working with the City of Comfrey and its drinking water problems before leaving her responsibilities in Mankato.

"It was a very eye-opening experience, and we got Comfrey some money," she said.

Getting the whole situation established for Comfrey made her feel good, said Frankenfield.

As a city employee, Frankenfield lived in Mankato for three years. She worked for the Minnesota Valley Council of Governments as a human resources technician for 18 cities and three counties.

Planning and resource management were among the long list of duties she had.

Employees were hired and trained by Frankenfield, and she wrote grants and policies, as just a few of the duties she had.

A really fun part of her job was to help Le Sueur hire a police officer, she said.

"They were just a delightful bunch of guys to work with. It's nice to work with people who want to do the right things.

"We went over outdated job descriptions and policies to make everything work right from the start," she said.

Frankenfield likes to work with people from the community who like to get involved.

In addition to her work for Howard Lake, she is the vice president for Minnesota's association of the American Society for Public Administration.

Another committee that demands her time is the personnel service committee for the League of Minnesota Cities.

Frankenfield said she is looking forward to serving Howard Lake and its residents.

"I'm impressed with the very energetic and positive attitude of the people who have come through the door of the city hall so far," she said.

"If we communicate, we can solve problems. Not every problem can be solved to everyone's liking, but we have to communicate," said Frankenfield.

When she isn't working, Frankenfield likes to take her daughter Michelle Wonnacott camping.

Mother and daughter spent an entire year on the road, exploring the United States and all the major historical sites.

Said Frankenfield, "Most of the time things went well, but when AAA people say 'Don't drive in New York,' they mean it!"

The two drove around the city for two hours looking for a parking spot.

"I would have given $100 for any parking spot, but there wasn't one," she said.

"I never actually put a foot down in New York City; just car tires," she said.

Wonnacott graduates in a couple of weeks and will live with her mother in Howard Lake.

Biking, walking, and gardening are other pastimes she hopes to pursue, as she settles into her job and the community.

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