Howard Lake Herald, October 12, 1998

Arson spree destroys vehicles

Three vehicles were burned in Cokato Oct. 6, and two others vandalized or burglarized, according to a report from the Wright County Sheriff's Department.

About 2:30 a.m., sheriff's deputies and the Cokato Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle on fire at the 500 block of Linden Ave.

While they were at the scene of this fire, another vehicle was observed burning at the 400 block of Linden.

A short time later, a third vehicle was reported to be on fire in Pleasant Terrace Trailer Court.

The vehicles were a 1995 Ford Ranger extended cab pickup, a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and a 1990 Dodge Dakota pickup.

Deputies agreed it was apparent the cause of each of the fires was arson.

At least two other vehicles were entered in Cokato that same night. A cell phone was stolen from one, and antifreeze was poured onto the seat of another.

It is believed that the same persons responsible for the fires were involved with these incidents.

Of the five vehicles, none were locked. Sheriff Don Hozempa has always urged citizens to be certain to lock their houses and would like to remind them to lock their car doors as well.

The Wright County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation and expects to make arrests in connection with these incidents in the very near future.

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