Howard Lake Herald, October 5, 1998

Wright 4-Hers attend state horse show

The Minnesota State 4-H Horse Show was held over the weekend of Sept. 18, 19, and 20. Twenty-one Wright County 4-Hers, along with nearly 700 4-Hers from throughout the state participated in this exciting weekend.

Wright County participants included Sarah Larson and Angela Larson of Waverly; Nic Beggin, Sam Henningson, and Craig Grimlie of Monticello; Winstead Kirkpatrick, Julie Warner, Heather Krause, and Ashley Lanigan of Buffalo; Heidi Lindberg, Jessica Lindberg, Karen Post, Martha Post, Jenni Zachman, and Deb Klein of Clearwater; Melissa Wozney and Charlie Wozney of St. Michael; Lisa Rose and Christine Rose of Delano, Nan Spike of Montrose; and Jolene Slipka of Brooklyn Park.

Wright County was represented by two senior Hippology teams. Hippology is horse science and members judge horses, take a written test on horse knowledge, and demonstrate skill and knowledge of horses.

The team of Martha Post, Jolene Slipka, Karen Post, Deb Klein and Jenni Zachman placed 10th in the state. The second team made up of Heidi Lindberg, Heather Krause, Ashley Lanigan, and Jessica Lindberg also did a nice job representing Wright County. The teams were coached by Judy Post.

Wright County was also represented by three horse judging teams. The intermediate team placed sixth in the state. Team members included Charlie Wozney, Craig Grimlie, Sarah Larson and Angela Larson. Angela placed 10th individual in the state in this contest.

The senior judging team made up of Melissa Wozney, Christine Rose, Sam Henningson, and Nic Beggin placed seventh in the state. The team of Karen Post, Jenny Zachman, Winstead Kirkpatrick and Julie Warner also did a good job representing Wright County, but did not place in the top ten. These teams were coached by Deb Wozney and Erica Grimlie.

In the trail classes, Karen Post, Julie Warner, Jessica Lindberg, and Christine Rose represented Wright County. Jessica received a ninth place award in her division.

In the western pleasure classes, Jessica Lindberg, Christine Rose, Julie Warner, Karen Post, and Winstead Kirkpatrick represented Wright County but did not place in the top 10.

The 4-Hers participating in showmanship at halter were Melissa Wozney, Karen Post, Winstead Kirkpatrick, Heidi Lindberg, Julie Warner, Christine Rose, and Jessica Lindberg. Karen placed fifth in her division.

Jessica Lindberg, Christine rose, Karen Post and Melissa Wozney participated in English pleasure hunt seat.

In English equitation, Jessica Lindberg, Christine rose, Karen Post, and Melissa Wozney participated.

Participating in western horsemanship were Melissa Wozney, Karen post, Winstead Kirkpatrick, Heidi Lindberg, Julie Warner, Christine Rose, and Jessica Lindberg. Karen Post finished fifth, and Christine Rose was 10th.

Lisa Rose, Nic Beggin and Jenni Zachman participated in barrel racing.

In the pole weaving event, Lisa Rose, Nic Beggin and Jenni Zachman participated. Lisa Rose was second in her division.

Lisa Rose, Nic Beggin, and Jenni Zachman participated in the key races. Lisa placed fourth and Nic placed ninth in their divisions.

Lisa Rose, Nic Beggin and Jenni Zachman participated in jumping figure eight.

The Wright County 4-H Horse Project has a strong program because of great support from adult leaders, volunteers, parents, and great teen leaders.

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