Howard Lake Herald, April 20, 1998

Humphrey Museum awarded $1 million


The Humphrey Museum in Waverly has been awarded a $1 million grant through the state bonding bill to fund the beginnings of the work on the museum, Director Irene Bender told the Waverly City Council Tuesday.

Since the money can only go to a public entity, the city needs to get its attorney involved to draw up the contract between the city and the museum.

Bender said State Senator Steve Dille and Representative Tony Kielkucki worked hard to get support for the museum.

This is only a portion of what the museum representatives requested, so plans have to be modified.

Bender said, "I think the museum will be the cornerstone for the revitalization of Waverly."

The museum will be an active learning center for all, said Bender. It will be open almost 365 days a year.

Museum board member Catherine Jackson said, "This is an incredible project for Irene. We wanted more funds, however, we feel we can work with what we are getting.

"We are starting to work on our private funding."

"We hope to work with the city on a total visual statement, coming from Hwy. 12," she said.

One of the things the museum will need is parking space. Jackson urged the city to consider the areas around the village hall for that purpose.

"I think we will see some fun things happen," she said.

Completion and dedication is still scheduled for March 2001, with construction starting in 1999 for renovation and restoration.

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