Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, October 5, 1998

Holy Trinity's homecoming puts class competition on wheels

A usual event during Holy Trinity's homecoming week would have been hall decorating. Each class would be assigned a hall to decorate and judges would determine which class did the best job with a first, second and third place.

This year, for something different, students were allowed to decorate a class float. On their own, students chose a theme for their float and what materials were needed to display their theme. A first, second, and third place was determined by three unbiased judges.

Sophomores took first place with their "Grill the Lancers" float. Eighth graders took second place with "Wash them, wring them and hang them up to dry." Third place went to the seventh graders with their float, "Hang 'em high."

Not to be forgotten were the freshmen's "Level the Lancers," the juniors' "2000 Flushes," or the seniors' "Bury the Lancers."

The student's floats were displayed in the Holy Trinity homecoming parade, which began at 5:30 p.m. from the school parking lot and ended at the football field. Some of the floats were driven by parents and some by students. Additional cars were driven by royalty. The Holy Trinity band, under the direction of David Haedt, brought up the rear of the parade.

There was a tailgate party at 6 p.m. at the football field, enjoyed by many students, parents, faculty and friends of Holy Trinity

The day ended with a homecoming dance in the school gym. There were some creative dance steps demonstrated by the faculty and the dance ended with a polka. Students, parents, and faculty had a great time.

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