Howard Lake Herald, May 18, 1998

Former HL administrator cleared on discrimination charge


The charges filed against a former Howard Lake city administrator at the Sherburne County Law Center for sexual discrimination and reprisal were dismissed recently.

Judge Steve Mihalchick ruled on the discrimination case brought by Betty J. Schwartzkopf against the City of Big Lake and its city administrator, Curt Jacobsen.

Jacobsen was city administrator for Howard Lake two years ago, but now works for the City of Big Lake.

He was accused of sexual discrimination and reprisal against Schwartzkopf, after he took the job at Big Lake.

The judge concluded that the workplace atmosphere changed when Jacobsen became city administrator, and all of the city hall employees experienced a more demanding manner of supervision.

However, he ruled Jacobsen treated all employees the same, regardless of gender.

The Minnesota Human Rights Association prohibits gender discrimination, not abrasive management, said the judge.

Mihalchick ruled that Jacobsen did not discriminate or engage in any acts of reprisal against Schwartzkopf, and dismissed the case.

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