Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, October 12, 1998

Land use survey will be taken door-to-door


The citizens in Winsted will see a volunteer with a survey at their door Oct. 21 Councilwoman Bonnie Quast told the Winsted City Council, Tuesday.

The planning commission has worked on a land use plan, and it will be brought to the public in the form of a survey, she said.

Public input is required for the completion of a study being done by Mid-Minnesota, a firm that collects data and delivers reports on that data.

The survey will be Wednesday, Oct. 21, with a kick-off at 6 p.m. at the city offices for the volunteers.

"At least 25 volunteers are needed in order for this to only last one night," said City Clerk Betty Zachmann.

The city will be divided into four sections. The one-page survey will be dropped off at each home and picked up a short time later by the volunteer working that block.

There are 12 questions on the sheet that only require a check mark in a box. The sheet will be sealed in an envelope and the information is completely private.

Volunteers will be identified by a badge. Anyone wishing to assist in this survey should call Winsted City Offices at 485-2366.

Old city hall

Mary Stamm addressed the council on the issue of the possible restoration of the old city hall building.

She said, "We have a proposal, but we have a small budget.

The committee has been allocated $5,000 from the city for a reuse study and has $1,500 from a state historical grant.

The proposal is to hire Thomas R. Zahn and Associates to do the reuse study for $4,500 and spend the $2,000 on an architect.

Stamm said Zahn should have the reuse study done in six to eight weeks, and the council can review it and decide from there what it wants to do with the building.

Councilman Gary Lenz said, "Id like to progress to the next step right away and see a more concrete proposal with numbers.

"We know it is going to be used as some kind of public building."

Mayor Don Guggemos said, "The reuse study is to explore the non-obvious uses."

Lenz declared, "I'd rather get some hard and fast figures on fixing it up. I'm opposed to selling it to someone for a dollar."

There is no intention to sell the building for a dollar, and the money has already been allocated for the study, said Guggemos.

Quast said, "Maybe we should go ahead with the reuse study and then slow down and see (what we need to do).

The reuse study will do private interviews to get honest community input, she said.

Final Co. Rd. 1 review

Mcleod County Highway Department Engineer Rick Kjonnas told the council he was very satisfied the city got an exceptional product in the new Co. Rd. 1 surfacing this summer.

Even though some striping and painting issues need to be addressed, the only major problem seems to be lack of drainage in the city's industrial park acreage.

All the problems will be corrected, Kjonnas assured the council.

Airport road

The council received a wide range of estimates for the new airport road. The lowest estimate was $5,000; the high estimate was $89,700 .

"I don't think we will take that $89,000 estimate," laughed Councilman Lenz.

The council agreed that was probably more road than it wanted.

The middle estimate of $10,200 included class five gravel trucked into the site, and Zachmann was instructed to contact the contractors to make sure they were estimating the same items for the project.

Main street parking

Winsted Police Chief Michael Henrich said a request was made to him by Marvin Hirsch for permission for his tenants at 147 1st St. N. to park in the downtown area on first street north, during all months not affected by the winter parking ban.

Henrich stated he would not give special parking permission to any apartment owner for several reasons.

First, it is up to a landlord to provide proper parking for tenants, and such an action would compromise the purpose of the current ordinance.

Also, this makes it difficult for the maintenance department to clean and sweep streets downtown.

Mayor Guggemos said he felt there has been no real problem with the parking, and if the tenants need to have a vehicle parked there overnight, they can contact Henrich and let him know ahead of time.

New city offices

The will have to be moved, as the lease will expire Oct. 31. A 90-day notice will be required by either party after that time to break the lease.

A floor plan of the old theatre building on the corner of Main and 2nd St. So., owned by Steve Haugdahl, was presented by Zachmann to the council.

Since the city has a contract with Winsted Township to provide space for meetings and record storage, Guggemos said he would like to see a floor plan that presented office and meeting spaces for all the city's needs before deciding on that building.

Zachmann will attempt to get some drawings for the council.

Other business

- City Clerk Betty Zachmann reported that 23 applications have been received for the post of city administrator. The council instructed her to have the selection committee present a top-three list at the next council meeting.

- The agreement with Gene Ochu has been completed prior to accepting a petition for annexation of his property. It contains wording that provides some fencing and proper display of salable items.

- Public Works Supervisor Pat Radtke presented estimates for a new city pickup truck. The council agreed to a price of $24,585 and will advertise the present truck and plow for sale.

- Quast presented the council with a request to place a sign on the corner of the industrial park land that would be more attractive to potential investors. A sign will be designed to show how the park will be plotted.

- A variance was approved for Jim Koch to construct an addition to his garage to within two and one half feet of his property line.

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