Howard Lake Herald, February 2, 1998

A new face at Howard Lake Library


You may have noticed a new face in the Howard Lake Library behind the desk. It is Nancy Harrold of Buffalo.

Harrold graduated with a degree as a registered nurse in 1962. Then, after 25 years as a nurse, she switched careers and became a teacher.

She spent eight years at Wright Technical Center, teaching courses on medical careers and medical terminology.

Harrold also trained students to be nursing assistants.

Her work background is varied, and the first thought that came to mind was, "How in the world did you become a librarian?"

Harrold laughed and said, "I love books, computers, and people. The long hours as a teacher were no longer appealing, and I was looking for something more relaxing."

The Great River Regional Library system requires librarians to have a public service background and a strong interest in computers, if they have no schooling as a librarian, she said.

"When this came up, I applied," said Harrold. "Besides, I've read just about every gardening book the system has."

Harrold and her husband, Jack, have two grown children and a dog.

"There are lots of dog lovers in Howard Lake by the numbers of those kinds of books that go in and out of here," she said.

Harrold loves gardening, sewing, and other handiwork, she said, so she can point library patrons in the right direction for those subjects.

Harrold received a loom for Christmas and is trying her hand at spinning, so patrons may find that section a bit sparse, until she learns all she can.

"Of course, if a book isn't on the shelf, it always amazes me how quickly we can get those items from the system," said Harrold.

A lot of nice people have come in to the library so far, said Harrold.

"They stop and chat for a while, and that is nice," she said.

Harrold said there will be a special activity for children ages 3-5 to make a valentine for a family member or friend on Friday, Feb. 13 from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Children will enjoy a program that includes valentine stories, games, songs, puppets, and art activities, she said.

Pre-registration is required for this program, so call the library at 320-543-2020 for details. Registration is open now.

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