Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 4, 1998

Profiles of LPHS seniors

Jeff Aase

Jeff Aase is the son of Leanne Bosma. He has one brother Wayne. During high school, Jeff was involved in football. Jeff plans to go to the marine corps. He is currently employed with SJ & F Enterprising. In 10 years, Jeff can see himself in the marine corps.

Kali Bach

Kali Bach is the daughter of Roy and Jane Bach. She has a brother Nathan. During high school, Kali was involved in volleyball-captain, and golf. Kali plans to go to Mankato State to become an Interior Designer. Kali is currently employed with The Depot. In 10 years, Kali can see herself working at a design firm, maybe married with kids.

Jeff Bayerl

Jeff Bayerl is the son of Melvin and Jenny Bayerl. He has two sisters, Lisa and Micki, and a brother Jason. During high school, Jeff has been working on the farm and now at Quast Transfer. Jeff hopes to become rich after high school. In 10 years, Jeff is probably working and maybe married.

Dave Behning

Dave Behning is the son of Roger and Carol Behning. He has a brother Ryan and a sister Tammi. During high school, Dave has been involved in basketball and baseball. Dave's goal is to go to technical college and get a degree in carpentry or machine tool trades. Dave is currently employed with Glencoe Butter and Produce. In 10 years, Dave can see himself having a job that he likes and being married to a rich woman, so he doesn't have to work much.

Matt Dammann

Matt Dammann is the son of Dan and Mary Dammann. He has two brothers, Marc and Luke, and two sisters, Melissa and Becky. During high school, Matt went to Minnesota Army National Guard Boot camp. Matt plans to train this summer for the Army, and go to Alexandria Tech for diesel mechanics. Matt is currently employed with Quast Transfer, Inc. In 10 years, Matt can see himself married and having a good paying job.

Martin Dodell

Martin Dodell is the son of Clement and Renate Dodell. He has two brothers, Rupert and Peter. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany. While staying in Lester Prairie, Martin is staying with Gordon Houk. During high school, Martin was involved in football, basketball, track and the yearbook. He plans to finish school in Germany, and go to a university. Find a job that he likes. In 10 years, Martin can see himself with family and children. Starting his career and finishing college.

Stephen Dossett

Stephen Dossett is the son of Helen and Chris Dossett. He has one brother, Matt. During high school, Steve has been involved in basketball, golf, drama, FLA, band, jazz band, regional honor band, State honor band. Steve's future plans are to get a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. Steve is currently employed with The Depot. In 10 years, Steve can see himself working as a chemical engineer.

Shantel Dukhorn

Shantel Dukhorn is the daughter of Douglas and Phyllis Dukhorn. She has three sisters, Julie, Melissa, and Susan. Shantel is involved in post-secondary option student at Ridgewater College in Hutchinson. She plans to become a cosmetologist and start a family of her own. She currently is employed with her parents at The Painting Place. In 10 years, Shantel can see herself working in cosmetology.

Susan Dukhorn

Susan Dukhorn is the daughter of Douglas and Phyllis Dukhorn. She has three sisters, Julie, Melissa and Shantel. Susan is involved in post-secondary option at the Ridgewater College in Hutchinson. Susan plans to become a legal secretary and then take some classes to become a paralegal. She would also like to get married and have no kids. Susan is currently employed with The Painting Place. In 10 years, Susan can see herself working as a paralegal for a firm.

Joe Fiecke

Joe Fiecke is the son of Bob and Sandy Fiecke. During high school, Joe was involved in football, basketball, baseball, student council, Snofest and Homecoming attendant. Joe plans to attend Alexandria for law enforcement. Joe is currently employed with ACE Sod in the summer and SJ & F in the winter. In 10 years, Joe can see himself somewhere in the USA working for a police station, married and maybe two kids.

Ken Goughnour

Ken Goughnour is the son of Lee and Cheri Hamner. He has two brothers, Andrew and Michael. During high school, Ken was involved in football. Ken's future plans are to become rich. In 10 years, Ken can see himself married and having a kid.

Colleen Giesen

Colleen Giesen is the daughter of Vic Giesen and Linda Kopp. She has two brothers, Simon and Dylan and a sister, Adrienne. Her step-dad is Mark Kopp. During high school, Colleen was involved in volleyball. golf, baseball statistician, annual staff editor, peer tutor, national honor society, AAA award winner, Homecoming queen, Snofest princess, drama, and declam. Colleen plans to go to school for four and a half years at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks and major in Occupational Therapy. Colleen is currently employed at Monarch Mailing in Waconia. She also volunteers at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia. In 10 years, Colleen can see herself working in a medium size hospital as an Occupational Therapist, maybe married with one or two children.

Sarah Gueningsman

Sarah Gueningsman is the daughter of Dan and JoAnn. She has a sister Terri and two brothers, Joel and Jonathan. During high school, Sarah was involved in volleyball, basketball captain, cheerleading captain, softball, drama, yearbook sports editor, Girls' State Representative, student council secretary, 10th grade class treasure, eleventh and 12th grade secretary, choir, and band. Sarah plans to attend Minneapolis Business College for two years for accounting. She wants to get a CPA degree in accounting. She is currently employed at The Depot. In 10 years, Sarah can see herself working in a small business firm near Lester Prairie, maybe married and maybe a child or two.

Josh Heuer

Josh Heuer is the son of Gary and Sandy. He has four brothers, Bruce, Jeremy, Justin, Jacob and two sisters, Brenda and Alyssa. During high school, Josh was involved in wrestling and football. Josh plans to attend Ridgewater College and further his education and also get married. Josh is currently employed at Starkey and State 3 Theatre. In 10 years, Josh can see himself with a good paying job, married and have a family.

Andrew Ide

Andrew Ide is the son of Kathleen and Doug Ide. He has a brother Nick and a sister Christine. During high school, Andy was involved in track, cross country, basketball, FLA, band, senior high honor band, junior high honor band, and drama. Andy plans to go to the Navy and get a college education while there and when he's done, maybe re-enlist. Get a really good job when he's done with the Navy. Andy can see himself with a wife and a kid or two.

Sally Kappel

Sally Kappel is the daughter of Gervase and Donna Kappel. She has one sister Linda and a brother-in-law, Tom. During high school, Sally has been involved in NHS, drama, yearbook, senior class president and student council president. Sally plans on attending Ridgewater College in Willmar, for the LPN program. Sally is currently employed at the First Community Bank. In 10 years, Sally sees herself living with her boyfriend and having a successful career as a nurse.

Neil Kerkvliet

Neil Kerkvliet is the son of Frank and Robin. He has one brother Chad. During high school, Neil has been involved in football and golf. Neil plans on attending a two year college and receive a good education. Then get a well paying job that he enjoys. Neil is currently employed at SJ & F and Radtke Construction. In 10 years, Neil sees himself maybe married with one or two children.

Leianne Knoll

Leianne Knoll is the daughter of John and Celia Knoll. Leianne has two sisters, Renee Abraham and Julie Knoll. During high school, Leianne was involved in softball, drama, and annual staff. After she finishes her LPN at Ridgewater College, she plans to go on to college for her BSN in nursing. She is currently working at St. Mary's Care Center as a NA/R. In 10 years Leianne can see herself married with a family working in a major hospital with the newborns.

Karla Krienke

Karla Krienke is the daughter of Roger and Katherine Krienke. Karla has one brother, Kraig and two sisters, Vicki Schuck and Mary Krienke. During high school, Karla was involved in FLA, cross country, track, cheerleading, and drama. After high school, Karla plans to go to school at Anoka-Hennepin and get a degree in landscaping. Karla is employed at Shopko in Hutchinson, In 10 years, Karla can see herself married with a family and holding a steady job in chosen career field of either landscaping and or farming.

Chad Lachermeier

Chad Lachermeier is the son of Dale and JoAnn. He has one sister, Amanda. During high school, Chad was involved in golf. After high school, Chad plans to live in the country in a mansion. Chad is currently working at the Classic Egg in Cokato.

Dustin LaMott

Dustin LaMott is the son of David and Linda LaMott. He has a brother Danny and a sister Dawn. He is currently employed at a farm near Plato. During high school, Dustin was Homecoming king, football captain, and baseball. Dustin plans to go to a two year college for agribusiness. In 10 years, Dustin can see himself having a good job, married, and starting a family.

Jason Machemehl

Jason Machemehl is the son of Joel and Cindy Machemehl. During high school, Jason was involved in basketball, baseball, drama, and band. After high school, Jason plans to graduate from high school, go to college and work. Jason is currently employed at Roger's Jack and Jill. In 10 years, Jason can see himself working at a radio station.

Ryan M. Mallak

Ryan M. Mallak is the son of Judy and Glenn Mallak. Ryan has three brothers, Jeff, Brad and Eric, and a sister Lisa Jurek. During high school, Ryan was involved in football, track, drama, and student council. After high school, Ryan plans on attending a four year college, playing football, and majoring in business. Ryan is currently employed with Millerbernd's Manufacturing in Winsted during the summer and milks cows for dad during school. In 10 years, Ryan can see himself with a good job, married, with a couple of kids and being very, very happy.

Molly Martin

Molly Martin is the daughter of Pam Green. She has three sisters, Shannon, Naomi, and Abigail and three brothers, Glenn, Tim, and Caleb. During high school, Molly was involved in track, cross country, FLA, drama, and AFS-USA. Molly plans to study something to prepare her for medical school at UMD. Later when she has time and money, study at medical school and become a medical doctor. Molly is currently employed with Hardees. In 10 years, Molly can see herself happily independent with a good job and a nice apartment.

Melinda Odenbrett

Melinda Odenbrett is the daughter of Duane and Diane. She has one sister, Melanie and one brother Matt. During high school, Melinda was involved in PSEO, attending Ridgewater College in Hutchinson. She is going to college to be a medical secretary. She was also involved in band, choir, volleyball, and basketball. After high school, Melinda hopes to finish out her college as a medical secretary and become a successful person. She also hopes to own a country home near her family. Melinda is currently employed on her boyfriend's father's farm. In 10 years, Melinda can see herself in a successful career either as a farmer or medical secretary. She might have one child. She can see herself owning a comfortable home in Lester Prairie or nearby her family.

Kelly Parpart

Kelly Parpart is the son of Lesley and Carol Parpart. He has two brothers, Kevin and Kenny and two sisters, Kerri Gunnerson and Keyla. During high school, Kelly was involved in eighth grade baseball and seventh and eighth grade basketball. Kelly plans on going to college and getting a job in his field. Kelly is currently employed part-time with Ralph's Mobil. In 10 years Kelly can see himself working and probably married.

Ben Remer

Ben Remer is the son of Bob and Marcy Remer. Ben has two brothers, Bryan and Evan and two sisters, Leah and Abby. During high school, Ben was involved in football, basketball-captain, golf,

National Honor Society, Homecoming and Snofest royalty. Ben plans to go to college at South Dakota State for four years for computer engineering. He is also going to play golf there. After college Ben plans to get a job in the computer engineering field. Ben is currently employed with Island View Golf in Waconia. In 10 years, Ben can see himself having a good paying job, a nice house and possibly married.

Chris Rolf

Chris Rolf is the son of Chuck and Gail Rolf. He has one sister, Nichole. During high school, Chris was involved in basketball, baseball and golf. Chris plans to go to college next year for marketing management at Ridgewater College in Hutchinson. After that he wants to get a high paying job. In 10 years, Chris can see himself owning a part of a hotel or owning the whole hotel and making a good living.

Mandy Schauer

Mandy Schauer is the daughter of Steve and Patsy Schauer. She has three brothers, Mike, Billy, and Joey. During high school, Mandy was involved in volleyball, cheerleading-captain, softball, junior class vice president, FLA, junior attendant for Homecoming, and drama. Mandy plans to go to Minneapolis Business College in August for accounting. Mandy is currently employed with Bump's Family Restaurant in Glencoe. In 10 years, she can see herself living somewhere in Minnesota, working for some big company and hopefully will be married by then.

Mike Schauer

Mike Schauer is the son of Patsy and Steve. He has two brothers, Billy and Joey and a sister Mandy. During high school, Mike was involved in football and basketball. Mike plans on going to college. Mike is currently employed with Glencoe Butter and Produce. In 10 years, Mike can see himself married and living well.

Kristina Schoenfeld

Kristina Schoenfeld is the daughter of Bonnie and Gaylen. She has two brothers, Thomas and Eric. During high school, Kristina has been involved in track, volleyball, wrestling cheerleading and stats., yearbook, drama, and declam. Kristina plans to go to Minneapolis Business College for office administration. Kristina can see herself in 10 years with a good paying job in a growing company, maybe married, and one child.

Joseph Shamla

Joseph Shamla is the son of Gerald. He has five sisters, Cindy Ludewig, Tammy Bohning, Robyn Shamla, Chris Donnay, Geri Dolney and one brother Gerald Shamla, Jr. Joe plans to go to the University of River Falls for two years than transfer to the University of Minnesota in the field of engineering. Joe is currently employed with Starkey Labs in Glencoe. In 10 years, Joe can see himself being a successful engineer at a large company. Also, married with one child.

Esther Sovereign

Esther Sovereign is the daughter of Thomas and Sharron. She has two sisters, Becky and Debbie. During high school, Esther was involved in track, cross country manager, track manager, yearbook staff, Spanish club, MC for Snofest. Esther plans to attend Ridgewater College, to get married and have a family. In 10 years, Esther can see herself having a good job and married.

Laura Stapel

Laura Stapel is the daughter of Alan and Connie. She has one brother, John. Laura plans to go to Minneapolis Business College for computer programming and get a good career than settle down. Laura is currently employed at Quast Transfer in Winsted. In 10 years, Laura can see herself in a managerial position, (high paid), married and with one or two kids in a nice house.

Chris Tollefson

Chris Tollefson is the son of Conrad and Kelly. Chris plans to go to college and get a good job, make a lot of money, and graduate. Chris is currently employed at Made on Earth in Lester Prairie.

Noah Werner

Noah Werner is the son of Steven Werner and Jill Ganz. He has six brothers, Thomas, Marc, AJ, Joel, Adam, and Victor and sisters, Lisa, and Laurie. During high school, Noah was involved in wrestling, football-captain, track, and baseball. Noah plans to attend college, after college he wants to get a good paying job. Maybe a family. Noah is currently at Matthews Digging Metro Dairy. In 10 years, Noah can see himself owning a nice house with a family, and having his own business.

Bryan Wilkens

Bryan Wilkens is the son of Ray and Bonnie. He has a brother Chad and a sister Jen. During high school, Bryan was involved in football, basketball, baseball, student council, class officer, Snofest prince. Bryan plans to attend a college, but doesn't know where. In 10 years, Bryan can see himself having a steady job and maybe married with one or two kids.

Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams is the daughter of Betty and Vernon. She has a sister Amy and two brothers, Aaron and Jerad. During high school, Jenny was involved in volleyball and cheerleading. Jenny plans to attend Ridgewater College to get her generals done and then attend a four year college for a marketing degree. Jenny is currently employed at Aramark. In 10 years, Jenny can see herself working in a large firm and thinking about a family. Hopefully making $70,000.

Josh Wosmek

Josh Wosmek is the son of Marj and Nick Frieler. He has a sister Melanie Helm and a brother Michael Frieler. During high school, Josh was involved in cross country, track, football, basketball, choir, band, drama, and yearbook student editor. Josh plans on attending college to become a computer programmer. Josh is currently employed at 3M. In 10 years, Josh sees himself married, with a house, family and a good job.

Amber Young

Amber Young is the daughter of Kathy and Bruce. She has two brothers, Joseph and Christian. During high school, Amber was involved in football and basketball statistician, vol