Howard Lake Herald, October 19, 1998

Students memorialize Muriel Humphrey Brown

By Joan Johnson

On Thursday, Oct. 1, Muriel Humphrey Brown was memorialized at Humphrey Elementary School by the staff and students.

A sugar maple tree was planted behind the bleachers of the new softball field. Staff and students donated money to help purchase this tree.

A tree was chosen as Muriel Humphrey Brown loved trees and flowers and enjoyed having them planted everywhere.

The memorial tree planting ceremony began inside with the presentation of colors by Jan Fitzpatrick and Irene Woitalla followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem by the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted girl's trio, Sallie Fall, Katie Padden, and Kelli Foss, directed by Chris Starr.

Dean Wessman, principal of Humphrey Elementary School, greeted everyone by explaining who the Hubert and Muriel Humphrey were. He stated how Mr. Humphrey had visited the school, Waverly Elementary, back in 1976, and how the school was later named Humphrey Elementary School. "Today we gather to honor Muriel Humphrey Brown by planting a tree in her memory."

Kirby Klingelhofer, HLWW spoke to the students on how he knew Muriel Humphrey Brown. He and his high school students were asked to plant several trees on the Humphrey property in Waverly.

He recalled sitting at the kitchen table with Muriel one day when the phone rang. He soon realized that she was speaking to the Presdient of the United States, Jimmy Carter. He sat in awe as the Humphrey's were treating him the same as the current president. They were common folk that loved Waverly. The sixth grade choir, under the direction of Dawn Kalvig,

SANG "Sing a Song of Peace" followed by everyone singing "America the Beautiful."

Riley Hoheisel, superintendent, concluded the program by telling the students about Muriel Humphrey Brown's life. He highlighted some of the things that she stood for and some things that she accomplished, especially the treatment of handicapped children.

Everyone then gathered outside for the planting of the memorial tree. In the future this Muriel Humphrey Brown tree will be providing shade for spectators while they watch their children play ball at the Humphrey Elementary School ball field.

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