Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 20, 1998

Swiss visitors came a long way for Winstock

Six months before the country music stars would descend on Winsted, Bruno and Elsbeth Stadelmann made plans to travel from their home in Aarau, Switzerland to Winstock.

By chance their paths crossed with Terri Campbell and Millie Kohler.

"On Friday, we parked next to them," Terri said, "and they saw we had lawn chairs, which they didn't know they were supposed to bring."

Terri and Millie let the Stadelmanns borrow their chairs while they volunteered at the event. After Friday's music, the Stadelmanns went to the Campbell home and visited.

The Stadelmanns, who are country music fans, had planned a trip six months ago to the upper midwest to coincide with attending Winstock, having read about the music festival in a book they had purchased.

The draw for the Stadelmanns was Martina McBride. "Bruno is a big fan," Terri said.

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