Herald & Journal, May 11, 1998

HLWW test results improving


Test scores are back from the eighth grade Basic Standards Test, and Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted students did well, said Humphrey Elementary Principal Dean Wessman.

"We have some good data to use to make recommendations for curriculum," he said.

Tests were taken in math and reading. Wessman put together some comparisons with area schools.

This list shows what percent of the eighth grade students passed the tests with a score of 75 percent or more.

"Delano did very well, and I will be contacting them to discuss how they did that," said Wessman.

Although the students did well as a whole, Wessman said the information that will be available on individuals will give staff some very good data that will direct changes or additions to what and how the students learn.

This is the first year that all schools are required to test all eighth graders, he said.

HLWW has been doing this all along, and therefore their information is accurate.

Unfortunately, some schools chose to hand-pick the students that took the test last year, and some chose not to test at all, said Wessman.

Those schools are behind with their information collection process and didn't benefit from knowing what was going on, he said.


1. Delano 80

2. Litchfield 73

2. Glencoe/Silver Lake 73

3. Dassel/Cokato 72

4. Maple Lake 71

4. Holdingford 71

5. Becker 70

6. Kimball 69

7. HLWW 67

8. Buffalo 66

9. Cambridge-Isanti 65

10. Lester Prairie 64

11. Rockford 63

11. Elk River 63

12. Annandale 62

13. Big Lake 61

14. Braham 56


1. Delano 85

2. HLWW 78

3. Litchfield 76

3. Dassel/Cokato 76

4. Glencoe/Silver Lake 75

5. Kimball 74

5. Big Lake 74

5. Buffalo 74

6. Elk River 73

6. Annandale 73

6. Becker 73

7. Holdingford 70

7. Rockford 70

7. Maple Lake 70

8. Cambridge/Isanti 66

9. Lester Prairie 64

10. Braham 56

This second list shows an increase or decrease in the percentage of students who passed the tests compared to 1997.


1. Delano +17

2. HLWW +8

3. Dassel/Cokato +6

4. Monticello +5

4. Buffalo +5

5. Watertown +4

5. Rockford +4

6. St. Michael -2

7. Maple Lake -26

8. Annandale NA

8. Lester Prairie NA


1. HLWW +11

2. Dassel/Cokato +4

3. St. Michael +2

3. Monticello +2

4. Delano +1

5. Rockford -1

6. Buffalo -6

7. Watertown -8

8. Maple Lake -26

9. Annandale NA

10. Lester Prairie NA

HLWW is up by eight percent in reading and 11 percent in math, according to Wessman.

"This shows we are on the right track," he said.

To help students improve their scores and meet the basic skills requirements, summer school will be offered in K-12 this year.

Parents are strongly encouraged to have their students attend, if they haven't passed the Basic Standards Test, said Wessman.

He said, "If a child comes to us (fifth grade) without the skills he/she needs, it absolutely has to happen here. Later, it becomes very hard to change that."

"We did well in both math and reading, but we need to continue to improve our programs.

The principals of all three buildings at HLWW will take a trip to San Diego, Calif. this spring to evaluate a program in one of the schools out there.

They hope to bring back a lot of ideas to help the district continue to develop excellent academic programs for its students, said Wessman.

For more information, visit the website for the Department of Children, Family and Learning at http://children.state.mn.us./distinfo.htm

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