Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 25, 1998

HT Elementary creates an underwater world

Holy Trinity Elementary students are reaching completion on a six-week art project, under the guidance of their art teacher, Charlotte Laxen. They have been busy creating an underwater world in a school tunnel that connects the elementary school to the high school. Joey Klitzke paints a water snake

First the tunnel, which is approximately 100 feet long, was painted a light blue. All the students from kindergarten through the sixth grade have contributed something to the giant project.

The students designed what they wanted to paint in their water world. The final step was to draw their shark, diver, whale, crab, underwater plants, etc., and paint them.

They have created a true masterpiece. Many have toured the tunnel and have expressed amazement at what has been accomplished.

One parent commented, "I just love going through the tunnel to see what has been added since the last time I went through."

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