Howard Lake Herald, May 18, 1998

Waverly forming committee for Hwy 12 reconstruction


The Waverly City Council appointed committee co-chairs Councilmen Dave Fournier and John Hertzog to head a committee to negotiate with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) on the layout problems seen by the council regarding the Highway 12 improvements through Waverly.

Fournier and Hertzog will seek business persons and residents to help resolve some of the problems with the layout of the Highway 12 project.

According to Fournier, one of the problems is the ponding of storm water on a commercial site owned by the city.

This site might be used for future expansion by an existing business, he said.

A preferable design would divert water to a wetland owned by a council member, said Fournier.

The council is uncomfortable with a few of the other details, and would like input from the community in the form of people willing to serve on this committee.

No dollar amount was set for operating costs, as the committee isn't yet formed and the needs are not known.

Money will have to be spent to help the council make a decision on what to do with the sewer lines along the Highway 12 corridor through the city, though.

A bid on the Highway 12 sewer line cleaning and televising will cost $3,354 for approximately 2,000 feet of line, said Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat.

"This will tell us a lot about what we need to do for the Highway 12 project," he said.

If the sewer lines are in pretty good shape, he said, the pipes can be lined and save the city a lot of money over replacement costs.

The project was approved, and it will start soon, so the city will be in a position to decide before the deadlines set by Mn/DOT.

Unpaid water bills

The council voted to amend the ordinance that places unpaid utility bills on the tax bill for that individual.

"Some residents let this go as a matter of course, and let it go on their tax bill every year," said Mayor Charles Bush.

The new ordinance will be amended to provide the city with a procedure to disconnect service after delinquency of 120 days.

That new wording will come back to the council for approval after review by the city attorney.

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