Herald and Journal Herald & Journal, March 27, 2000

Come get your missing keys


All right all you people out there, just how do you drive without your car keys?

Have you been hot-wiring your cars or what?

Do you crawl into your home through an open window?

We have all these sets of keys in the Herald office, but no cars to go with them.

Some of you have probably given up driving altogether, and depend on your teenagers for transportation. They would never lose those precious keys.

It is probably just as well that you can't drive, because we also have your glasses!

In fact, the city hall has a box full of keys; the municipal liquor store has a box of keys; and even the grocery store has a few extra sets hanging around.

Stop in the Herald office, and we might just find the right set that will let you move your wheels.

By the way, if anyone finds a set of Saturn keys, they are mine.

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