Herald and Journal Herald & Journal, March 27, 2000

Roofing and siding look good


Many of you are asking how the new house is coming, assuming we are in it.

Well, not quite.

Ron works over there a lot, though.

Remember, my excellent framing crew, Norgren Builders, was finished well before Christmas.

K&K roofing did a wonderful job on the shingles. They were in and out on a difficult roof in a couple of days.

In fact, as we wandered through the Parade of Homes this spring, we found ourselves looking out upstairs windows onto the roofing.

"Well, OUR roofing looks a lot better than that!" we said.

The really great thing we saw at the parade was that our siding job the Walbergs from Annandale did for us was the best, bar none.

We have a large expanse of siding in the back of the house, and it is quite perfect.

My husband, who is the "straight and level" fanatic, is supremely pleased.

In fact, if you come to our house, you will be required to stand out back and admire the wonderful siding job, whether you want to or not.

Now, we have called for an electrical inspection this week, and Ron should be ready.

We have lights, switches, and outlets everywhere.

Ron sent me over to the house after dark the other night to see if I could find any "dark spots" where we needed more light.

He left most of the lights on the first floor turned on.

I didn't get over there until after ten o'clock, and I didn't realize he left all those lights on.

Someone who went past later said she had to look twice. She thought the house was on fire!

Wright-Hennepin is going to love us. We may be required to put our lights on off-peak.

You see, it all began when I made my survey of women before starting the electrical work. I asked them what they would change about their home lighting.

Almost all of them said they would like more in the living room and the kitchen.

We have it. I may have to get sunglasses for indoors.

Then came the "discussion" on switches. Where should they be located? Are they three or four-way switches? Do we want to turn the downstairs bathroom light on from the bedroom upstairs? (No!)

Well, actually, I told you before that an engineer at work told Ron about this handy-dandy master panel he could install in the bedroom.

Thank goodness, I talked him out of that, or he would be turning off lights in the laundry room while I did the wash, just because he could.

He made me do an imaginary walk-through with a load of groceries from the garage in the pretend dark.

I tried to tell him I could see perfectly well from the lights I had on (in my imagination). Of course he disagreed. Now, how can he tell how much light my imagination has?

Anyway, we installed more three-way switches. There are certain switches in my house that I will never use out of stubbornness (if I can remember not to).

Now that the lighting is almost complete, it is time to move on to the plumbing.

That shouldn't be as difficult and emotional as the lighting discussions.

I have already requested that he move a wall in the bathroom to accommodate a four-foot shower.

Then I pointed out that since there are hardly any interior walls that I can cut a niche out of for a lighted art display (horse statue), we (he) could easily cut down the top portion of a closet that adjoins the bathroom for a neat shelf inside the bathroom.

He wanted to know who was going to dust up there. I didn't commit to anything.

I know it is hard to visualize, but he understands that some change is inevitable. And I say, better now than when the walls are closed up.

Then, there is a little 2x4 that needs to go just a few inches to one side on one wall by the pantry to create a shallow broom closet. It's easy.

Oh, I also told him my idea of creating built-in shelves and stuff where the closet is in the den. He agreed. Said it should be easy.

By the way, before we go too far, I think I'd like a transom window above the double doors that go into the den. It should be easy. Just cut out a couple of little 2x4s and pop it in.

He should be able to make one out of all the new boxes of parts he bought at one of the many millwork sales he attended. Should be easy.

Well, we have a ways to go on the house, and I really hope we can occupy it by the first of June. I get cranky without my air-conditioning, and there isn't any in the barn. (Not yet . . . I wonder how hard that would be?)
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