Herald and Journal Herald & Journal, Sept. 13, 1999

Mini-Biff, cats, and Velcro


Well, my broken leg is slowly mending, and it has provided its moments of excitement.

We sold our house and moved into the new horse barn to live, while our new house is built.

I have all the comforts; a furnace, running water (soon, I'm promised), and my own Mini-Biff.

The mini structure in question is located in the alley of the barn, about 20 feet from the door to the lounge.

The first night I made the trip to the Mini-Biff was very interesting. As I came out of the door into the alley, the lone horse in the barn must have thought it was feeding time, and raised a ruckus.

The noise of a horse whinnying in your ear at 3 a.m. is not pleasant. The dogs barked at me, since they weren't used to anyone in the barn with them, either.

Milford, the cat, kept trying to get into the lounge, as I was trying to get out on my crutches.

A pair of white sandals had been my footwear for the day, and I had slipped my toes into them for my little trek.

Fighting Milford off with my crutches, I managed to shut the door. As I turned to go down the alley, I discovered I had shut my sandal strap in the door.

The really neat part of the whole experience came when I was safely inside the "bathroom." It is blue.

The light shining faintly from the window in the lounge illuminated the Mini-Biff just enough to give the impression of being in some kind of underwater world.

My neighbor Roxanne, says I have gone over the edge with my imagination.

A drawback of the alley bathroom is that the nights are getting cooler, and there is a draft coming under the sliding barn door right next to it.

On the positive side, I came home last Thursday, and the Mini-Biff lady from Litchfield had been there and "refreshed" my bathroom. It was spotless. I wonder if I can keep her when the new house is finished?

Broken leg

The broken leg has also provided some interesting moments.

A soft cast is strapped onto the leg with Velcro strips. A few nights ago, I placed the cast on my leg, just before going to bed. I wanted it nice and snug, so I couldn't twist the knee during the night.

Waking from a deep sleep, I tried to turn over, but I was trapped in the blankets and I couldn't get out.

When I set the Velcro tapes across my leg in the dark, I hadn't made them quite straight, left some of the hook portion of the tape exposed, and Velcroed myself to the blankets.

Not being able to move around a lot, I entertained myself by picking blanket fuzz out of the hook and loop tape.

Maybe Roxanne is right. I may need professional help before this is over.

Phone company

The customer service lady was very appologetic about it, but Sprint created a bit of a stir at our barn/house.

The phone service was disconnected on Aug. 31 as planned, and activated at the barn on Sept. 1.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, they gave us a new number and didn't even put on a forwarding message.

Contractors couldn't call us, and we wondered why no one was returning our calls.

It took several days for the problem to get straightened out, but by the time you read this, we should have our old number back (I hope).

Basement update

Ron hooked up a sump pump and got as much of the water out from around the footings and walls as he could.

They need to dry before they are "damp proofed." Apparently, it is no longer called waterproofing.

Milford and Oh!Oh!

Milford and Oh!Oh! are unwanted cats. They live with us because they both want to be where they want to be, NOW. They are very vocal about it, and have driven every prospective owner crazy with their noise.

Both prefer to be outside, and the female is a great hunter of chipmunks and rabbits.

Milford is a declawed, neutered tiger cat of undetermined age, but I think he is older.

He is a really cool cat, friendly and observant. He is into every box and bag he can weasel his body into.

Lounging on top of couch cushions covered with rugs, he sleeps his days away.

I hope his mere presence and a new box of mouse poison will disacourage the little gray critters.

He spotted an open, unscreened window into the lounge the other night, and leaped onto the sill, over my microwave, and scooted under my bed.

I banged and clattered the aluminum crutches around under there for five minutes or so. He finally gave up and went over the microwave and back out the window.

We now have an understanding. If I yell, Milford runs.

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