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Herald & Journal, March 1, 1999

The soon-to-be bratwurst hall of fame


Some time back in this column, I briefly mentioned plans for a bratwurst hall of fame here in Watertown, Wis. Got more info for you.

A couple of fourth-generation German-Americans named James Prang and Alan Pape have this idea. They call themselves the Wurst Brothers and have a brat shop south of Watertown in a discount shopping mall.

The Wurst Brothers are working hard to create a bratwurst empire and to educate the world about the fine sausage delicacies that have traveled from Germany to capture the hearts and stomachs of millions of Americans. The men have created a mild international sensation with their plans to open the Bratwurst Hall of Fame.

The Wurst Brothers found a home for the museum in Watertown. They plan to renovate an old mill along the shores of the Rock River. The project should be finished this year.

The building is designed on three levels and will include a restaurant, gift shop, outdoor grilling and picnic area, a German beer hall, and a museum documenting the history of sausage making, its connection to Germany, and the evolution of grilling the sausages outdoor.

Museum-goers will be greeted by a huge bratwurst-shaped fountain spewing water that will actually look like flying grease. The ground level will include a replica of a German village, a working meat market, a farm butchering display, and display cases filled with historic sausage-making equipment.

The top level of the museum will look like a German beer hall with a bar, food, and a movable stage. Polka music and German music concerts will be scheduled throughout the year. You knew that polka music had to be there somewhere, didn't you?

To help finance this venture, the Wurst Brothers are offering sales of stock. The men are optimistic that they can raise the necessary money to complete the museum.

What a project the Wurst Brothers have. Who knows? This could become a big tourist attraction for this area.

A committee of three gets things done . . . when they are not fighting.

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