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Herald & Journal, March 29, 1999

The final chapter

By Tom Heuer

Everybody knows that - even in Leap Year - February is the shortest month. But, do you know which month is the longest?

That's the kind of intro Dad used for many of his articles during the past few years. It always made you want to read on to the end. As I re-read those articles during the past weeks, I was again amazed at the wide variety of topics he covered ­ history, sports, health, entertainment, and more.

He shared so much information with us, like:

There is such a thing as a two-story outhouse, (but would you really want one in your backyard?)

There are several lakes named Howard, but only one community named Howard Lake, (and he was proud to call it his hometown.)

There is indeed Holy Ground in Green Bay, with St. Vince as the patron saint. (This was extremely hard for a Viking fan to admit.)

There are museums and halls of fame for just about everything, including hamburgers and toilet paper. ("Where's the beef?" and "Please don't squeeze the Charmin.")

There's more than one use for WD-40, (although the AMA, FDA and maybe OSHA might dispute that.)

TV isn't what it used to be, for better or worse, (probably worse.)

Life isn't what is used to be either, for better or worse. (I'm not sure which, and neither was he.)

It was always Dad's wish that ­ through those weekly articles ­ he could bring smiles to the faces of his many friends in his hometown and the surrounding communities ­ even out into cyberspace.

From what I've heard, Dad got his wish ­ time and time again.

But now, his pen has been laid down for good; his last article has been published; the Lord has called him home.

I've heard three views about what Dad could be doing right now. He might be sharing jokes and stories with departed relatives and old family friends, like Uncles George and Freddie, Ernest and Tena, Walter and Elsie.

He could be interviewing entertainers, like Glenn Miller and Tammy Wynette.

He definitely is listening to the angels sing ­ first hand.

I know Mom joins me in showing appreciation to each of you for the support, encouragement and friendship you have shown to both of them over the years. God bless you all.

By the way, the longest month is October; 31 days, plus the hour we gain when daylight savings time ends.

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