Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 13, 1999

Winsted community center plans progressing

By Luis Puga

The possibility of a joint community center between the city and Holy Trinity has become greater since Tuesday's City Council meeting.

Reeves said that such facilities between church and state are allowed as long as the structure meets some requirements.

Those requirements are that the facility fulfills a secular purpose, does not promote religion, and is open to anyone.

The city and church must get a legal opinion on the project, preferably not from the city's own attorney. As such, the council will hire Kennedy and Graven to execute the legal opinion, which is predicted to turn out favorable to the project. The city and Holy Trinity will each pay half of the $3,000 fee.

The council also passed a resolution to obtain designs and studies from Bonestroo for the proposed project for $8,700. Again, Holy Trinity will pay half. The engineering firm agreed to bill the city next year for the service.

Reeves said three design options are being considered, including a clam shell design made out of fabric that would save money on the project.

Some ideas for the center that have been discussed include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, volleyball courts, general gym space, and racquetball courts.

Kegler said of the proposed community center, "This is everything that this town has wanted for years."

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