Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 6, 1999

School District 108 revisited

School Dist. 108

The above picture, which was taken in front of the Corey School House about 75 years ago, was in the July 19 issue of the Herald.

Fritz Dangers, who submitted the picture, knew only a few of the faces, of which he was one. Esther (Gerber) Olson of Alexandria and Reva (Cyrus) Ordorff of Hendricks, both of whom are in the picture, were able to name all but one.

According to Ordorff and Olson, pictured above are:

front - Hiram Cyrus, Otto Schuman, Gervase Sexton, Robert Sexton, Vernon Dangers, Lloyd Gerber, Fritz Dangers, Donald Montgomery, Leo Gerber, a Sexton?, Edwin Gerber, Dan Sexton;

back - Marvin Schuman, Ed Klammer, Esther Gerber, Elderaine Krohn, Esther Schuman, Vera Hayes, teacher Miss Smedberg, Vera Montgomery, Lillian Hayes, Reva Cyrus, Eva Kraft, and Reuben Klammer.

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