Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 20, 1999

Engine No. 261 'on time'

By William Deiter
Galesburg, Ill.

Deiter, formerly of Howard Lake, is a volunteer member of the engine service crew.

For those of you who were in Howard Lake Sept. 11 and 12, you received a special treat.

Not only did you have the opportunity to see the Milwaukee Road Steam Locomotive No. 261, you also witnessed firsthand the last special excursion pulled by a steam locomotive anywhere in North America on a Class 1 mainline, of this century.

I have compiled some facts and figures about the locomotive for those of you who are interested.

Engine stats

Milwaukee Road No. 261

Engine class: S-3 4-8-4

Engine weight: 460,000 pounds

Engine and tender loaded weight: approximately 855,000 pounds

Tractive effort at start-up: 62,800 pounds

Maximum horsepower: approximately 1,000

Cylinder bore: 26 inches

Cylinder stroke: 32 inches

Boiler pressure: 250 psi

Wheel diameter: 74 inches

Boiler main barrel capacity: 8,000 U.S. gallons

Tender capacities: 33 tons of coal to the top of the sideboards; 20,000 gallons of water

Approximate range: 300 miles

For more information, contact Friends of the 261, 4322 Lakepoint Court, Shoreview, MN 55126.

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