Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 20, 2000

HT 4th graders light way into future

By Barb Fasching, HT fourth grade teacher

"How will you light the way in the future for yourself or others?" Holy Trinity fourth grade teacher Barb Fasching asked her class.

The students wrote an essay on a paper candle which they colored. Fourth graders Katie Fisher, Jeremy Fiecke, Mitchell Bayerl, Brad Ficker, Laura Rojina, and Katie Roufs shared their essays.

Katie Fischer: I will help my little cousins and other little kids in school and to behave. 1 will do my best in school and anything else that I do.

Jeremy Fiecke: I want to get a good education and become a sports player. I don't care if it takes 20 years. If I do make it, I will donate a lot of money to poor or to schools.

Mitchell Bayerl: I will be kind to others. I will share with others. I will obey the teachers. 1 will try my hardest to do well in class and on the playground. I will follow Jesus.

Brad Ficker: The way I am going to light the way of the world is I will do better in school and at home. I will be nice to my brother and sister and listen to Mom and Dad.

Laura Rojina: I will light the way by helping my friends if they need help. Or if one of the classmates need help on their homework. And if my Mom wants me to clean the house.

Katie Roufs: I will help Jesus by showing him I can do better in school and I will help my teacher by not causing trouble in school.

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