Herald and Journal, March 27, 2000

HLWW school site task force asked to regroup

By Andrea Vargo

The Victor Township Board voted three to nothing against the idea of a new school on the corner of Wright County Rds. 6 and 30 at its last meeting.

But, the district will continue to explore the possibilities, and the Facilities Task Force will be asked to come together one more time to assist with that, Superintendent Riley Hoheisel .told the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board Monday.

Board Members Jim Raymond and Randy Heuer presented the district's proposal several weeks ago to the Victor Township Board.

There were many questions that needed to be answered, and the district's architect, Bob Abendroth, should probably attend a future meeting to help answer those questions, Hoheisel said.

Some of those questions center around the safety of County Rd. 30. It is narrow and is heavily used for farm traffic.

Fertilizer, which is explosive, is hauled on that road, regularly, said Board Member Ken Zimmerman.

Acknowledging the need for direction, the board voted to revive the task force, and another meeting will be called, soon, Hoheisel said.

This time, several more community leaders will be asked to attend, as well as the Victor Township board, he said.

Heuer said part of the solution is getting other government agencies involved.

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