Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 20, 1999

Holy Trinity Development Office busy with many projects

By Pages Reeves
Development Director

Holy Trinity has embraced the national theme of Catholic schools this year, and we are proud to be "Lighting the Way to a New Century."

First on our list in the development office is promotional materials. In particular, an all-school (i.e. K-12) view book will be completed by the end of October.

We are currently compiling testimonials and photos of faculty, students, volunteers, staff, and parents for this 9x12 color publication.

What a pleasure it has been to visit with the Holy Trinity community. I've had the opportunity to learn of the steadfast commitment to this school shared by many families. In some cases, as many as four generations have attended Holy Trinity.

Family-wide dedication is found not only in Holy Trinity's students, but also in our staff, faculty, and volunteers. It is this rich tradition of support that is to be commended and shared with others.

Along with an enthusiastic promotions team, I will be visiting close to two dozen schools this fall to promote Holy Trinity. Our new view book and school video will work well as supplemental marketing tools.

However, what "shines" about Holy Trinity, cannot be bought by larger metropolitan schools, and cannot be captured in a brochure or video. What "sells" this school is its community.

The mom or dad who stands beside me on those promotion evenings is essential for recruitment at Holy Trinity. If alumni, they know the value of the education they received at Holy Trinity, or they know how neat it felt to attend the same school as one of their folks.

Regardless, every parent knows the importance in sending their children to a safe local environment that fosters excellence in academics and an active student life.

More importantly, parents know the comfort found in the faith-centered, spiritual community that is Holy Trinity Schools.

The contributions to the view book and those supporters who have joined our promotions team are much appreciated. More photos and testimonials are needed, and there's always room for more team members to travel and tell about Holy Trinity. I look forward to hearing from you.

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