Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 20, 1999

Munson Lakes manages grain services in Cokato

Lake Region Cooperative recently agreed to lease the grain storage operation in Cokato to Munson Lakes Nutrition, which became effective Aug. 31.

Mark Dahlman, formerly of Dahlco Seeds, Cokato, has been hired to manage the grain operations of Munson Lakes. Dahlman's office will be in Cokato at the Lake Region Grain and Agronomy office.

Gary Wilking will work with Dahlman in Cokato. Wilking's previous experience in operating the Cokato facility will insure a smooth transition through the fall and into the future.

Jerome Stoll will continue to manage the Howard Lake grain operations. Stoll will report to Dahlman.

The management of customer-owned grains at the Cokato facility were also transferred to Munson Lakes Nutrition as of Aug. 31. Storage rates are at the same, posted, rate. Grain accounting functions for both locations are managed by Sue Zachmann at the Munson Lakes office in Howard Lake.

This is a joint effort of Lake Region Cooperative and Munson Lakes Nutrition to utilize the drying and storage facilities of both companies to maximize customer returns and convenience. The combined bushels of both companies allows them to make necessary improvements to their facilities and provide marketing opportunities that neither company can currently undertake independently.

Lake Region Cooperative will continue to supply products and services through the agronomy operations. Randy Brandel manages Lake Region Cooperative's agronomy and petroleum operations in Cokato.

Office hours and telephone numbers will be announced in local newspapers as soon as they become available.

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