Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 6, 1999

Jeff Amland rides again and again

From the desert of the Old West to the heartland of Howard Lake, comes Renegade, cowboy and all-around troublemaker.

People around town may know him as Jeff Amland; Renegade is Amland's persona in the Old West Society of Minnesota,(OWS of MN) a 150-member organization dedicated to preserving the history and the spirit of the Old West through reenactments and demonstrations.

Amland and wife Tammy, aka Cowgirl from Hell, travel the midwest performing at community and corporate events. They also bring their horses to several of the events.

They will coordinate the Old West Extravaganza at Pioneer Park in Annandale, Sunday, Sept. 26. As the event chairpeople, the Amlands hope to attract 1,000 people for the special, one day event.

This has been a busy year for Renegade and Cowgirl: in January they were honored by fellow OWS of MN members as "Cowboy and Cowgirl for 1998".

In February, the OWS of MN performed at Hudson's Hot Air Affair in Wisconsin. Instead of making a horseback escape, Renegade and his fellow outlaws alluded the U.S. Marshal posse by going up in a hot air balloon.

In the spring, Renegade attended a leather workshop where he created a combination holster/knife holder.

Since April, the OWS of MN has performed at numerous events, including three day shows at Murphy's Landing in Shakopee and at Puckerbrush Days in Forest City, Iowa, corporate home of Winnebago RV's. The club performs in Carver's annual parade, Sunday, Sept. 12. Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 18 and 19 will be full show at Aamodt's Apple Orchard in Stillwater, and then the Old West Extravaganza is Sept. 26 at Pioneer Park.

In October, Renegade and Cowgirl will travel to Tombstone, Ariz., for the 70th annual Helldorado Days. It will be their first trip to the historic city, home of the OK Corral and the Birdcage Theatre.

This fall Renegade plans to go to South Carolina, as an extra in the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot. And in November, Renegade looks forward to the premiere of Ride with the Devil, a movie he took part in last year in Missouri. The story line is about the Confederate Army and is set in 1863. It's scheduled to open in local theatres on Friday, Nov. 5.

In addition to their busy schedule with the OWS of MN, the Amlands work fulltime jobs and maintain a farm for their three horses Rosie, Bob, and Elvis. Jeff is owner/operator of AAGRO-Green Lawn Service, a fullservice lawn care and snow removal company. Tammy is a sales associate at Linda's Photography in Delano. In their spare time, they enjoy trail rides with fellow OWS of MN members. They have two adult children.

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