Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, March 13, 2000

HL's Eighth Ave. to be two-way street

By Andrea Vargo

The one block, one-way section of Eighth Avenue will become a two-way street, soon.

People need a chance to get used to the new situation before construction starts, Mayor Gerry Smith told the council Monday.

The council will discuss the signage that will be necessary to convert Eighth Avenue from a one-way street to a two-way street during the Highway 12 construction this summer with maintenance supervisor Tom Goepfert.

He will bring back recommendations to the next meeting.

Whether or not it remains a two-way street after the construction, will depend on the problems encountered during the change.

A lot of people go the wrong way on Eighth Avenue anyway, and City Councilman John Swanson laughed, "Backing down the one-way does not constitute going the right way."

All agreed there might be some problems as people adjust to the change, and parking problems may have to be addressed.

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