Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 27, 2000

If 4th graders were president

As part of a creative writing class assignment, fourth graders at Holy Trinity School wrote about what they would do if they were president. Following are some of the students' thoughts.

Brandon Henrich: If I were president, I would make the schools have two months of school and then a month off. There would be no more abortion. If I were president, the elderly would get free medicine. Everybody would have a home and food, including the poor. All kids would go to school for free. The school would get free supplies and not get taxed. There would be no taxes.

Krystal Fosdick: If I were president, I would make sure everyone had a home to live in and make sure they have clothes to wear. I would also want everyone to have a good life like me. I would donate computers to schools around the world. I would always make sure everyone got treated equal, whether they were black skinned or white skinned.

Megan Scherping: If I were president, I would make sure every poor person would have a home, food, and money. I would not have abortion, but if someone did have an abortion they would have to deal with the consequences. Every school would have no homework and Fridays off. I would make sure everyone's families were healthy. There would be no violence, too.

Bridget Tussing: If I were president, there wouldn't be any poor and hungry. There wouldn't be killing. Everyone would have a limo. Everyone would have a mansion. Everyone would not steal. Everyone would have a gym. Everyone would have a million dollars. There would not be drugs and I would make smoking illegal. Girls would rule the world. Boys would have to do everything for girls. I would own Old Navy and Claire's and get whatever I wanted for free.

Samantha Schommer: If I were president, I would have women get paid the same amount of money as men. I would let every black American have the same rights as anyone else. There would be no wars or homeless people. All animals would be fed and cared for. I would have 20 cats. Women and men would be able to work at home for money. There wouldn't be any abortions. People could go shopping on the internet and have it delivered to their door the same day. Everyone at the White House for Congress would be women. Smoking would not be allowed. Adoption would be very welcome from other countries because there are no homeless people.

Brooke Schaust: If I were president, I would give the poor $125,000 and the rich would give money, too. Smoking would be against the law. Kids can only have homework on even days. If I were president, I would have many dreams. If only I were president.

Brittany Drew: If I were president, I would stop abortion, school would only be once a week, no one would work. Every day would be a fun holiday. You would get all the toys in the world. At lunch, you could only eat candy. At school, all you would do is party. Every day you could play basketball whenever you wanted or swim whenever you wanted. All year round, you could wear shorts and drink all the pop you wanted. There would be no such thing as cavities.

Kellie Guggemos: If I were president, I would make every state equal with food and money, and I would give poor people jobs. If anyone would not have enough money to pay bills or taxes, I would give them money of my own. I would stop the killing and violence. I would let anyone stand up for what they believe in. I would also make everybody have the same rights.

Mitchell Bayerl: If I were president, I would have no abortions, only adoptions. Make football last all year. Everybody would have the same amount of money. All children would go to Catholic school, but school would be at home. Your teachers would e-mail your homework, you would do your homework, and as soon as you were done, you would e-mail it back.

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