Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 3, 2000

Miss Waverly ending reign

By Stephanie Salonek

As I look back on my year as Miss Waverly, all I can do is smile.

I have met so many wonderful new people, and shared so many great experiences with people I already know, that I just don't want this year to end.

It has been a great pleasure of mine to be a participant in the activities of such a caring and nice community.

As Waverly's Ambassador Queen, I've had the wonderful opportunity to represent Waverly at many other communities and festivals throughout Minnesota.

From parade lineups, to coronations, to picture time, it was all a fun experience. I've met so many great people and gained so much knowledge and insight from them, it's unbelievable.

I've learned that every new person you meet has a story to share and an ear to listen. This has been a great help to me throughout the past year.

I will always cherish the memories created with the new friends I've met through my experiences as Miss Waverly.

I have also had the great opportunity to share in many community events throughout Waverly. I've participated with Princess Tammy in banquets, fish fries, Easter egg hunts, breakfasts, and many more events.

We've met many members of the Knights of Columbus, Waverly Lions, Waverly Legion and Auxiliary, members and owners of Waverly area businesses, and members of St. Mary's Parish.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my gratitude toward all of these persons and more for assisting in our royal ambassador program here in Waverly, and our wishes for your continued support. I would also like to show my appreciation to Princess Tammy for all the fun times and memories created.

This really has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. I greatly look forward to having the chance to represent Waverly this summer at the Minneapolis Aquatennial, July 15-23, as a Queen of the Lakes candidate.

I would also strongly encourage young ladies of the community to try it, and become a candidate to be a Waverly Ambassador.

It is a chance to sharpen your people skills, public speaking skills, and a great opportunity to grow as a person. But I must say, the year goes by in a flash, so if you ever have the opportunity to experience it, cherish every moment, and never forget the memories. I know that I never will.

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