Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Feb. 19, 2001

Break-in, drug search in Lester Prairie

Big Don's Carthedral was broken into Feb. 3, according to the Lester Prairie Police Department

When Artmann arrived at his store the morning of Feb. 4, he discovered that a service door was open.

Pry marks were found on the door, photographs of the area were taken, and prints were attempted.

The footprints of three people were noted in the snow outside. The footprints went off into a wooded area south of the station.

Missing from the business, but later recovered were one Dell tower computer valued at $2,000; Shop Key computer software valued at $13,000; cigarettes valued at $900; one Firestone Drill kit valued at $100; and one jump starter worth $100.

Several types of candy, valued at about $50 were stolen but not recovered. The investigation continues.

Search warrent uncovers drug paraphernalia in Lester Prairie

The Southwest Metro Drug Task Force and the Lester Prairie Police Department found drug paraphernalia while executing a search warrant at a trailer home in Lester Prairie last Monday.

This is the third time in the last six months that search warrants have been conducted in the area of 900 Second Avenue South (trailer court) in Lester Prairie. During all three searches, drugs or paraphernalia to use drugs have been obtained by law enforcement.

The Lester Prairie Police Department is working with the owner/manager of the trailer court in an attempt to dicourage further drug activity in the area. Those found in possession of drug paraphernalia in the latest search will be charged.

Any citizen of Lester Prairie who has a concern with drugs in their neighborhood should contact the police department at (320) 864-3134. Names will be kept confidential, if requested.

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