Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Feb. 19, 2001

Motel's sewage system concern for Waverly council

By Lynda Jensen

The sewer system at the old motel located at 902 Pacific Avenue was the focus of the Waverly City Council meeting Tuesday.

For the last year or more, the city has been pressing the owner, Edith Ouverson, to bring the sewer system in compliance with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency standards by hooking into the city sewer or installing an acceptable private system.

Ouverson attended the meeting to protest costs for connecting to the city sewer system.

"We know we have to hook up to the city, but I never heard of a city hook up so expensive," Ouverson said at the meeting.

The city offered Ouverson a 7 percent interest loan over 20 years, which is the kind of generosity nearly unheard of nowadays, said City Attorney Tim Young.

Ouverson asked why she must pay for extra digging when the road would be torn up anyway.

The state requires a steel casing for pipe that runs through to connect to Ouverson's sewer system, hence the extra cost, said City Engineer Brad DeWolf.

The costs of installing a sewer system would hurt Ouverson's ability to sell the property, she said.

"What's it worth without a sewer system?" Young asked.

Ouverson conceded that the property would have no value if the sewage system was not hooked up.

Mayor Charles Bush told Ouverson that the property's resale value was not the council's concern, only her willingness to bring her sewer system into compliance.

The city started the discussion about bringing the sewer up to state code three years ago.

The city didn't press the issue with Ouverson until the Highway 12 work became imminent, since this property faces Highway 12.

Ouverson indicated that she wanted to contact her lawyer before agreeing to any terms.

Bush pressed her about when she would contact the city, since changes this close to construction may not be allowed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the city would need to know soon.

Bush warned her that if she didn't contact the city, the change order would not go through and this may cause the MPCA to shut her down, if she didn't use this opportunity to connect to the city sewer system now.

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