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Jan. 14, 2002

Witnessing the birth of a miracle - little Kylie


I've had no ordinary week this week. I was fortunate enough to witness a miracle - the birth of a new baby girl, Kylie Paige.

What a cool experience it was to see a real, live person come into the world. I'm the type of person that isn't really squeamish, so I can handle seeing these types of things without a problem.

The field of medicine is absolutely amazing. I'm in awe of what man can do to fix something that they haven't even begun to understand.

My friends, Candy and Ryan (aka Mommy and Daddy of Kylie) have let me be part of their experience for all three of their children. I have known both of them for years, even before they were a couple, and we've been close for what feels like forever.

Childbirth is a personal experience, and needless to say, you have to be pretty close with a person to be invited into a moment like this.

Throughout this time, I learned one big thing about friendships - you have to know when to step back. I wasn't about to push (pardon the pun) my way into the delivery room for their first one, even though I really wanted to be there.

I remember how I felt with my own childbirth experiences. I was uncomfortable with the idea of having an entourage of people witnessing something that was supposed to be a very personal and emotional moment.

I'm still amazed at how the human body works. With my own pregnancies, I really don't think I believed I actually was having a baby until I counted little fingers and toes.

With this birth, Candy did something different than she did with her other children. She had an epidural. I couldn't believe what a change I saw in her.

You could hardly tell she was in labor, as she laughed and commented on the music awards we were watching on TV, right along with the rest of us in the room. She was virtually pain free, or at least to the point of feeling very comfortable. At the same time, her mind was just as sharp as usual.

I couldn't help but think that I felt really ripped off, because when I had my children (all 18 and 16 hours worth of labors for the two of them), I couldn't hardly focus on my husbands face, let alone giggle about things we were seeing on TV.

I decided then and there that when we have our third child (which I am insisting on being a girl), I will not be going through the painful part of it again like I had in the past. Bring on the anesthesiologist.

I must say that Candy was a trooper, and I'm sure the nurses felt she was pretty easy to get along with. I'm sure they don't say that about too many laboring women.

She still worked hard, though, even though her pain was greatly diminished. And, when little Kylie came into the world, you could see how things instantly changed for her mom and dad.

She's a beautiful, and I mean beautiful, baby. It seems to me that most of our friends and family have had baby boys, so it always surprises me to see how baby girls seem so much more fragile. They sure are sweet little things.

I really tried to think of a scheme to sneak her out of the hospital, but her parents were keeping a pretty close eye on me. They did tell me that I am more than welcome to babysit occasionally, since they have been expecting babies for literally the last three-plus years. I think they need a little one-on-one time without children. Sanity time.

I'll be calling on a weekly basis to see if they are planning on going out. I might even help them along with a dinner gift certificate or movie tickets, and even volunteered to babysit all the kids - all six total.

Now that's friendship for you. And this is one part of our friendship that I can push.

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