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Feb. 18, 2002

We had a great time at the Pinewood Derby


What a great time we had at the Lester Prairie Cub Scout Pinewood Derby a couple weeks ago. The boys did a great job creating their cars. I had no idea how much planning and figuring goes into cutting a chunk of wood into a car shape.

My husband, Gregg, and son, Mitch, worked hard to perfect that car. They planned, cut, sanded, painted, weighed, and performed all of the other detailed tasks to make it just right. It took days to make it resemble the final product, which looked amazingly like the picture that they planned from.

Finally the day came to race, and my son was so excited that he had his Cub Scout shirt on hours before it was time to go. My husband was equally excited, but, luckily, more subtle about it.

As it turned out, my son's car didn't end up placing in the race, although he did pretty well, considering that it was his first time out. He was very happy about the certificate for "Most Aerodynamic Car" and ribbon that he got. We will be framing it and hanging it on his bedroom wall soon.

I was proud that my son really didn't care much if he won or not, and he wasn't any more disappointed when he placed fourth in one of the races than he was when he placed first. He was into the fun of it more than the competition.

My husband had his own little side-competition going with his friend, Wayne, though, who is the father of Dalton, a Tiger Scout. I heard from his mouth as Mitch and Dalton's cars were racing each other, "You're goin' down, man."

He did take it gracefully when Dalton's car beat Mitch's car . . . both times. And Wayne was just as graceful by not rubbing it in.

The thrill of competition ­ it was great! I had to wonder, though, was it competition for the boys . . . or the dads?

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