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March 4, 2002

The angels are among us; comforting and caring


Let's talk about something that all of us can relate to - angels.

We all have one or two hanging around, whether we choose to believe in them or not. I have heard so many stories that have no explanation. Many people that I know would swear that they, too, have had an experience with an angel.

Everyone has heard some angel stories. One that comes to mind for me is about a young woman named Rachel.

Rachel was pregnant with her first daughter, and her great-grandmother was alive to share the first seven months of her pregnancy.

Her great-grandmother was thrilled about her pregnancy, and enjoyed sitting beside her and feeling the baby kick. She would often tell Rachel how she couldn't wait to "see" the baby, which Rachel found cute, because she was blind.

Rachel's great-grandmother died in her sleep one night before the birth of the baby. She felt bad that her beloved great-grandmother wouldn't be able to "see" the baby.

Her baby was born after a difficult emergency delivery, and when the nurse brought the baby to Rachel, she apologized for the dark red lipstick-like marks on her forehead.

She said that the lip prints had just "appeared" there a few minutes before. Just then, another nurse came in. When Rachel showed her the mysterious lip prints, she almost fainted.

The nurse told Rachel that her daughter had been kissed by an angel.

Rachel began to cry, because she knew which angel it was. Her great-grandmother had always kissed her grandchildren on their foreheads. Only minutes after Rachel's daughter was returned to the nursery, the lip prints disappeared.

What a touching story that is. I like to believe that we all are fortunate enough to have someone watching out for us all the time, from the time we are newborns to the time when we get to become angels ourselves.

It's fascinating. I haven't had the privilege of personally acknowledging an actual angel deed per say, but I do take into account that just because I haven't recognized them, I still know they are there, keeping me in line and making life manageable.

Have you ever had a bad day, and asked yourself what you've done to deserve it, only to hear some song lyrics on the radio that seem to fit just perfectly? Songs are what tend to be a strange coincidence for me.

Just last week, when I was having a particularly bad day, I had an experience like that. Everything was going wrong - home, work, a broken car, etc. Sometimes you just feel down.

I was in my car (yes, the broken one), radio down low like I usually have it, and out of nowhere, I hear myself singing a particularly inspirational song from my childhood at the top of my lungs.

I have no idea where it came from. Singing like that isn't unusual for me - I sing quite often; my entire family does. What was strange was that I hadn't sung that song for years. For some odd reason, it was coming out of my mouth as loudly as ever. And it fit the situation so perfectly that it was almost spooky.

Could it have been an angel sent to hang out and help me through the tough stuff? Or was it my active imagination?

I truly believe that an angel was with my Mom a couple weeks ago when she had a heart attack. That was scary stuff for all of us.

I wonder if one of my own angels was with her, because I know full well that I was not ready for my Mom to die. I would be more than happy to share.

Her heart attack was rough. She felt pain like she had never felt before. And my siblings and I felt bone-chilling fear.

She had an angioplasty done to open up the valve in her heart that was 90-some percent blocked (I am being positive when I say 90-something, because I could swear remembering that the doctor said 97 percent).

She is all fixed now, thanks to modern medicine and a neat little device called a stent. Once she has had time to recover, she will be back to life as usual, with some restrictions, of course.

If something good was to come out of this situation, it was that after 40-plus years of smoking, she has quit. She has wanted to quit for many years, and had tried on many occasions. Now she has to - her doctor told her that if she ever touches another cigarette, he's taking back his stent. She believes him.

She couldn't be happier about it. I believe that she has had an angel who had gone through a similar experience, her father and my grandfather, there the help her along. Good old Grandpa! And strangely enough, she hasn't had much trouble with it.

We will never know for sure how this angel-stuff works. Instead, I just choose to believe. I choose to believe because I have faith and because I find the idea of angels to be so comforting.

I hope someday to have an experience that will erase all doubt in my mind. I want to know that someone is there just for me, and me alone.

Now if only I could convince these angels of mine to help me make the right decisions on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately for me, though, I don't think that's what their job description entails.

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