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June 3, 2002

Hold on to your hats, summer's closing in


And the race is on.

With Winstock just around the corner, I've had country music on the brain, and the Sawyer Brown song "And the Race is On" is stuck in my head.

When I hear that song running through my mind, though, I am thinking of my summer activities and how fast the time is filling up more so than the meaning of the song.

So far this year (and it is still just spring), my family has Winstock on the calendar, as well as my youngest son's second birthday, at least three weddings, a couple graduations, Memorial Day and Fourth of July family things, and countless other fun things to do. My head is swimming.

In addition, we have the summer rec. activities - baseball, swimming lessons, a computer class, and possibly karate - for my oldest son.

I need to break out the pocket calendar again so that I don't "double book" us.

This is why I love summer - there is always something fun to do.

This is also why I dislike summer - because there is always something to do, with no breaks in-between. Non-stop running.

For Minnesotans that are not into ice fishing or snowmobiling, summertime is the only time of the year where we can truly enjoy the outdoors. We have even become accustomed to the mosquitoes, and even they can't keep us indoors.

The summer-pluses are endless - grilling for dinner, so there are no pots or pans to wash, bike riding away "winter thigh build-up," and slip on sandals.

I'm looking forward to swimming in the pool or the lake, walking barefoot in the grass, playing ball with my boys (my youngest has yet to master throwing, though), and eating sweet corn.

And no snow!

Summer is here, boys and girls, if you can believe it. Just remember to hold on to your hats, because before we know it, there will be mittens on our hands and scrapers in our cars.

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