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Oct. 28, 2002

Bill Cosby comedy ­ entertainment for all of us


My son, Mitch, and I have been having all sorts of fun lately with a new (old) discovery that we've made ­ Bill Cosby stand up comedy.

Every time we are in the car, whether it be to the grocery store or out of town, you can find us listening to Bill Cosby and laughing hysterically.

The great thing about Bill Cosby is that he is very family-friendly. There are very few four-letter words, and the content is not smutty, which is a big plus for a soon-to-be-entering puberty young man. (I certainly don't want him learning anything about the birds and the bees from any stand-up comedian now days.)

Mitch and I initially heard about the stand up routines from my mother-in-law, Lynette, who still to this day loves listening to them. She has an amazing talent for reciting many of the routines, practically word-for-word.

After I had scolded one of my kids at their house, I remember her giggling and saying, "I can take you out and make another one just like you."

The hardest part is finding some of the good Bill Cosby stand-up routines. What has been working for us is locating them on the Internet, which has a wealth of information if you know where to look.

We do some file-sharing with a program called Morpheus, which is wonderful for people like my family.

My dad has had great luck with it. In the past, he had searched high and low in music store after music store to find certain classic songs for his music collection.

He couldn't find them in the music store, but the Internet had exactly what he was looking for.

I wouldn't even be able to venture a guess as to how many songs he has now found online ­ I'm sure it's in the hundreds. His feet are much less tired out now that he can track down his favorite music from the comfort of his own office rather than the malls.

Mitch and I at this point have upwards of eight Bill Cosby CDs stashed away in the car. We have been lucky in finding what we want online.

One word of warning, though ­ if looking for Bill Cosby comedy on Morpheus, do not mistake Bill Cosby for Eddie Murphy doing a Bill Cosby impression ­ my son got quite the earful the other day in the car. Listen to the clips before burning them onto CDs.

So much for keeping it clean ­ he could have learned more "filth, foul, foul, filth" (as Bill Cosby says) in one Eddie Murphy comedy clip than all year in third grade.

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