Herald Journal Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, March 25, 2002

Waverly man running for state rep

Dick Borrell of rural Waverly has announced he is running as a candidate for state representative in the newly created House District 19B.

As a result of the Minnesota Supreme Court's re-districting plan, House District 19B was newly created and has no incumbent elected official. This new district includes most of the southern and all eastern townships in Wright County.

Borrell, who currently serves as chairman of the Wright County Soil and Water Conservation District, was elected to that position in 1998.

Borrell, a lifelong resident of Wright County, lives in rural Waverly with his three teenage daughters and grandson. He also has 2 older boys, one of which serves in the Minnesota National Guard. Borrell, a US Marine Corps veteran, is one of 12 children and has seven living brothers and three sisters.

Borrell has owned DB Direct, Inc in Delano since 1985 and has since started DB Enterprises, LLC and also is a part owner of Inc On Paper, a web printing company in Delano. Borrell employs nearly 50 people on two shifts.

Borrell will be seeking the Republican Party endorsement at an upcoming House District 19B endorsing convention. The general election will be Nov. 5, 2002, and if elected Borrell would take office in January 2003.

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