Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 7, 2002

A Winsted history lesson featuring the former home of John Barrett

By Joe Kieser

I recently located a copy of The Western Immigrant from July 1914.

The Immigrant appears to be a promotional newspaper giving history of businesses from Winsted and the surrounding area. The following is an excerpt from this paper:

It is over 30 years since Mr. John Barrett took up his residence in Winsted, and in the passing years, he has seen the town grow from a raw beginning into the slightest little municipality in the state.

There are very few, probably, who have such personal reasons to feel gratification over the expansion of Winsted as has Mr. Barrett. It is to his pain-staking efforts and liberality that is largely due the fact that Winsted is to be connected by rail with Minneapolis.

It is he who very generously gave the Short Line a valuable right-of way, as well as a splendid site for a depot, thus making it possible for our people to have connection with the outside world. To these things, Mr. Barrett never refers himself, but the people here know of them and do not forget them.

Mr. Barrett was born in Carbondale, Pa., on the 10th of July, 1845, but left there when he was six years old, moving with his parents to Scranton, where he lived until he was 14 years of age.

Then, responding to the lure of the West, he left for Minnesota in 1859, locating about seven miles west of Winsted. he moved to this place 30 years ago, where he has lived ever since, honored and respected by all with whom he comes in contact. He has one son, James, who is the father of three lovely children.

Mr. Barrett was happily married on the 19th of April, 1869, to Miss Rosalie Sherman, the ceremony taking place at a little log house in the French settlement then located near here, the Rev. Father Robarge officiating.

There was no church here in those days, consequently the priest was called from Watertown to officiate on the happy occasion. Mr. Barrett's home, reproduced herewith, is one of the prettiest places in town or vicinity, and from his porch may be obtained beautiful views of Winsted.

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