Herald Journal Herald and Journal, March 18, 2002

Coin toss decides township clerk position

By Julie Yurek

A coin toss decided the clerk position for Winsted Township, highlighting Tuesday's election results for several townships.

The township with the highest voter turnout was Hollywood, with Winsted Township garnering the fewest.

Winsted Township

No one filed for either position, with write-in votes filling both and a tie resulting in the clerk position.

Peggy Sullivan secured the clerk position following a tie with incumbent Nina Stifter.

Both candidates received four votes.

The Board of Canvass met and after a coin toss, Sullivan was declared clerk for a term of two years.

Others who received votes for clerk included Colleen Otto, Shari Remer, and Rachelle Krienke received two votes each. Five other names each received one vote.

Two blank votes cast were also accounted for. Total votes were 21.

For supervisor, Tony Hausladen won, receiving eight votes. Sharon Schultz received four votes, Bob Otto received two votes, Gregg Otto received two, and five other names each received one ballot.

Bergen Township

Albert Teubert was elected to the supervisor position with 81 votes, over Roger Matthews with 31 votes. No write-in votes were received.

Incumbent Pat Lemke garnered the clerk position with 51 votes. Mary Natzel received 16 votes, and Joyce Teubert received 12 votes.

A total of 112 votes were cast out of 514 registered voters in Bergen, Lemke said.

Victor Township

Incumbent Greg Bakeberg won, the supervisor position with 47 votes. Dennis Ruchti and Mike Ollig each got one write-in vote.

For the clerk position, incumbent Sharon Glessing won, with 46 votes.

Total votes cast were 49.

Middleville Township

Incumbent Virgil Birkholz won the supervisor position with 23 votes, and incumbent Clerk Laura Latzig secured her position again with 24 votes.

There was one write in for the supervisor position. Total votes were 24.

Marysville Township

For the supervisor position, Dale Ronning won with 37 write-in votes. All names were write ins for the supervisor.

Glenn Jepsen received 22 votes for supervisor. Seven different people had one to two votes each.

For the clerk position, incumbent Rena Marketon received 68 votes.

Total votes were 71.

Woodland Township

Bill Pollak re-filed and won the supervisor position, and incumbent Gloria Janikula re-claimed the clerk position.

Pollack won with 36 votes. There were two write ins and one blank ballot.

Janikula won with 38 votes. There was one blank ballot.

Total votes were 39.

Hollywood Township

Kent Kassulker won the supervisor position with 72 votes.

Kathie Anderson received 23 write in votes for supervisor, and Kathy Johnson received one write-in vote.

For the clerk position, incumbent Sherman Steffenson won with 87 votes. Kathie Anderson received one write-in vote for clerk.

A total of 92 votes were cast.

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