Herald Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 18, 2002

Fifth graders write tongue twisters

By Jan Kappel, Holy Trinity fifth grade teacher

The fifth graders at Holy Trinity Elementary School recently read about tongue twisters in their reading books. They followed up on the lesson by writing and enjoying tongue twisters of their own.

The following are some examples of tongue twisters written by the fifth graders:

Lively Lulu loves to laugh.

-Tristynna Nygren

Tiny Tim took two toy story toys from the toy store.

- Joe Deidrick

Silly Sally sang a song.

-Beth Remer

Sophia in cellophane sucking on a Skittle.

-Peter Heuer

Stew sipped Sue's stew.

-Emma Neumann

Peter Pan pricked his finger on a prickly pear.

-Jacob Otto

A pretty princess picks purple and pink petunias prior to petting her perky pet pig.

-Taylor Bachman

Tony eats tidbits of tomatoes in Texas.

-Chris Neumann

Doug digs deep in the dirt.

-Clare Chaplupsky

Max makes money on Mega Mining Machines in Michigan and Montana.

-Zach Neumann

Silly Sally slipped on a slimy stone.

-Julia Fleischacker

Many monkeys made many medals.

-Cody Cuhel

Cody eats cod in Canada.

-Cody Fiecke

Ten teddy bears trying to tie their shoes on the train on Tuesday.

-Kelly Brost

Smile sweetly Sister Sally so you can send Satan sadly home.

-Kaisha Hagen

Beth buys bunches and bunches of bubble gum for her baby brother.

-Brittany Heller

Claire cooked cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower in Colorado.

-Lena Guggemos

Jacky Jan jumped over jam in June.

-Eugene Boehlke

Sammy struck sixteen seagulls with seventeen salty seashells.

-Zach Mochinski

Timy Tim took tap dance lessons in Toronto on Tuesday.

- Tim Knott

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