Herald JournalHerald Journal, Nov. 24, 2003

How to move a library: lots of help

By Ryan Gueningsman

Many people know the headaches involved with residential moving.

Steve Ebert of Winsted, and many other volunteers, found out recently what it was like to move a library.

The Winsted Library recently changed locations, moving from its familiar building at 141 Main Ave. W. to its new location at 180 Main Ave. W. (the former Herald Journal office).

Three hundred boxes of books, 17 bookcases, and three full days of moving things from the library to its new location, and three additional days to get everything unpacked and put in place is what it takes. Plus, there are countless hours of volunteering.

"If you would have told me that we could have done it in six days," Ebert said. "I would have said 'no way would it happen.' But, with the help of everyone who did it ­ it was possible."

Ebert's wife Lisa is on the Winsted Library Board, and Steve has become involved through Lisa.

Everything was moved in the back of Kathy Quast's Blazer, in addition to using two-wheel carts. A lot of it was wheeled right across the street.

"Traffic was always an issue," Ebert said. "It was also raining off and on that week. If it was raining hard, we'd stuff it in back of Kathy's vehicle, and if it wasn't ­ we'd wheel it across."

Calls were made to Holy Trinity, Lester Prairie, and Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted schools for assistance in moving, and about 10 students showed up to assist.

"They helped load and unload the bookcases," Ebert said. "They also were cleaning the bookcases before everything got put back in place."

Jason Weinbeck, formerly of Winsted, is an architect and designed the layout of the new library location.

"If it wasn't for Jason donating his skill as an architect, I don't know if it would look as good as it does," Ebert said. "With Jason's layout, we were able to move things into a place, and that probably saved us a day or two of trial and error ­ we knew where everything was going to go before we started."

The library was only closed for one week throughout the moving process. Aside from running out of boxes occasionally, the move went smooth, Ebert said.

A grant was received earlier this year of $10,000 to get large-print and audio books, so that section will be expanding, Ebert noted.

The library will also potentially be expanding its technology, as well as adult fiction section and children's books. The Shakopee Library also donated a desk to be used at the entrance way of the new building.

Winsted Library is a member of the Pioneerland System, which is part of a book-share program, in which libraries can get books.

The library hosted an open house last Wednesday, and signed up several new patrons, said Librarian Sharon Noerenberg.

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